Virtual worlds on stage from Modica to Salerno

Virtual worlds on stage from Modica to Salerno

Salerno In Fantasy 2014August is just finished and it is time to draw up a balance, especially regarding two events of which has yet spoken last year, Salerno in Fantasy and Modix. The first event (From August 29 to 31 at Parco dell’Irno), wich defines itself an “interactive convention interattiva about pop-fantasy culture” from The Lord of the Rings to Dungeons and Dragons, from Ghostbuster to Games of Thrones, has seen as early as last year, an area dedicated to Second Life in Fantasy through which Ivonne Citarella (aka Baby Pooley), involving a handful of brave Italian “historical users” of Second Life as Morghana Savira, Salahzar Stenvaag, Fiona Saiman and Magicflute Oh, just to name a few, tried again, and we hope that she would be able, to overcome the lack of knowledge or misinformation that still surrounds virtual worlds as Second Life (and not only), leave prejudice or negative stereotypes, demonstrating the potential of such platforms in education, bringing them to an example of possible training channels for adults, in particular for the development of new professions learned how to play that distinguishes virtual worlds (a theme as you should remember that is dear to Ivonne/Baby Pooley).

Modix 2014

Even at Modix (festival dedicated to animated films, to comics, video games and cosplay whose success is in large part about the overwhelming enthusiasm of the event manager Tiziana Spadaro), which this year was held on the fourth edition at Marina di Modica from August 22 to 24, there was talk of virtual worlds, in particular thanks to the overwhelming passion of the special section dedicated to machinima, which saw my participation, together with Antoine Dumats  (director of, to the jury that chose the finalists among the winning video. A choice is not simple given that competed for the award Old Man, Casanova, the last adventureMisgiving, Blade Runner machinima tribute, L’elephant and Shadows reflecting farkness. At the end won Misgiving, made by Glasz de Cuir using Second Life platform.

In short, despite the economic crisis that has raged in Italy and the prolongued tailing off of virtual worlds, at least in the media and as “mass audience”, there is no shortage of interesting initiatives for anyone who wants to approach these platforms and “touch with hands” the topic of virtual worlds and fantastic, and according to initial findings seem to get a growing success. Perhaps more than escapism we could talk about the rediscovery of the imagination and its value: it’s about time! If you wish to find out more, continue to follow us as well on the website also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on and on

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