Social games are booming

Social games are booming

Angry BirdsSocial games are a relatively recent phenomenon in the gaming industry, yet it is estimated already worth over 2 billion dollars a year in revenues. Talking about “social game” actually means talking about card games, games that take place on social networks such as Facebook, Mmos, Mmorpgs or virtual worlds, games for mobile devices, or the classic “board games“, but those to which financial analysts often refer in recent years are mainly the “social network game“, an industry dominated by Zynga, rather than games for smartphones and tablets, where to contend for leadership are three operators, Caesars Interactive Entertainment, the same as Zynga and International Game Technology (IGT), with other houses like Rovio, which can still claim success as the Angry Birds, played from over 200 million players / month.

Just IGT after several years of crisis has recovered leveraging on social game (especially with games like slots and poker) to the point where it becomes attractive for the Italian company Gtech (ie the former Lottomatica of De Agostini group ). According to rumors spread by the financial press, the Italian group would be ready to offer up to $ 4 billion in order to take the control of the Los Angeles company so doubling, in fact, its size, becoming one of the leader of the industry. If all goes as planned, De Agostini (currently owner of 60% of Gtech) should in fact be the first stakeholder of the new group, with about 40% of equity after the integration between the two companies.

Igt Double WinBut that’s not all: according to the calculations of Research and Markets analysts the world market for social games in 2019 will exceed 17 billion U.S. dollars, with an average annual growth rate of over 16%. A real explosion: for comparison the entire music industry had a turnover last year of about 13.66 billion U.S. dollars and in accordance with the Credit Suisse will, thanks to the new streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer and Beats Music (this one from just purchased from Apple), from 17.5 to 18 billion dollars by 2018 and then stabilize again. At the base of this explosion on the one hand there is the increasing number of smartphones and tablets, on the other hand the steady increase of players who use social networks (200 million active users at the time, 400 million those expected by 2019: returning to the comparison, users who listen to music on demand should instead go from 13 million at the end 2013 to 148 million in 2025).

ViximoA so much growing market, if forecasts are confirmed, that there will be something for everyone and everyone will try to diversify as much as possible is the offer both in terms of new games and in terms of channels: for, for example, despite Facebook remains the number one social network game industry with a market share of just under 30% of the total, the “casual gamers“, and that in general those who do not use Facebook to play, should post already at the end of 2014 a turnover of close to 5.6 billion dollars against 3.2 billion estimated in 2013. Numbers so strong that there is a long time who is also equipped “by hand” in order to exploit to its advantage.

Do you know, for example, how much can be worth a character “grow” by an experienced player and then sold to others? According to a person with direct acknoledgment of the matter contacted by, you can currently get on quietly to earn 300-500 euro which means that if he/she sells usually a couple a month a skilled player can earn about a thousand Euros per month,which is not so bad in these days for a self-employer/gamer. If you want to know more continue to follow us as well on the website also through our Twitter account and Facebook fanpage (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on and

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