SL11B talks Italian too

SL11B talks Italian too

SL11B Giovanna CeriseLinden Lab‘s prorietary platform celebrate its eleventh birthday with SL11B, from June 22 to June 29 2014, a “community celebration” rich in terms of installations, performances and “not to miss” events that you can also follow from the web through its site and Twitter account.

What to say if not “wow”? Let’s start by the numbers: this year there are 11 regions/islands occupied by 243 exhibitors whose stands will also be visited once over the holiday until 6 July, so if you are late, you still have time for a visit. In addition, in addition to all the events on the calendar, there will be a “big hunt” so rich and extensive that it has been divided into four different paths (you can find them here).

A good starting point to begin the exploration is the Welcome Center; as to the stands to visit we root for Italians, but we don’t want to ignore the other, rather, especially since Linden Lab itself has announced a photo contest which is giving away 10 thousand linden dollars (do not get excited, in whole are less than 34 euros).

That said, we visited the installations of Giovanna Cerise carried out in tandem with Daco Monday and of 2Lei (which has worked Aliza Karu and where they are exposed, inter alia, the always beautiful images of Paola Mills), among other things also “physically” close, while we intend to spend at least from the stands of Solkide Auer, of Daisy Silverweb and Doctorhawk Lord, of Tani Thor and of Livio Korobase (you can find them all in the exhibitors list).

SL11B 2LeiWhile we watched them we thought about the Italian presence which in recent years has always made itself heard, positively, in these events, but there seems to have been gradually declining, at least quantitatively, years after years(by the way, if you know of additional “tricolor” installations reported to us and we’ll talk about it, willingly).

We note that ideas (that like Pallina60 Loon stressed not in one but in two different video presentations of the event, are most important in these cases that not the ability/experience/skill of each single content creator) begin to fade after 11 years of using a platform that has now reached full maturity in some ways, but shows the limitations of setting and dated software that necessarily it is increasingly difficult to adapt to new technologies (as well as the habits that social networks have created in billions of users around the world).

Thus, also thinking of the news circulated a few days already, about starting an internal team at Linden Lab to develop and produce the new platform in the future is likely to work alongside Second Life (then probably replace it as natural that it should be), news that have been substantially confirmed by Ebbe Lindberg during a session on SLUniverse’s forums in which it was indicated “next year sometime” as likely to start a beta of the new platform, makes me wonder not if we’ll ever see SL12B  (almost certainly yes), but if there will be many more birthdays able to give a performance worthy of mention.

Frankly I could not give you an answer, for that matter, but I suggest you stay in touch following us over that on through our Twitter account and our Facebook fanpage also (but you can find us even on Flickr, on and on Because virtual worlds are not just Second Life, indeed!

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