Ydea: business changed in SL

Ydea: business changed in SL

YdeaIf you remember some time ago I told you about Ydea, expressing my opinion on the work of Emy Burt, owner and designer of the brand, work that I find very complete in terms of offering, but perhaps lacking at the time of a “strong” theme that might characterize it when compared to other productions of accessories and clothing with which Second Life users are used to customize their avatars. Well: Emy read my article and took a pen to write me back, stating “some little things about the Ydea style and the work done so far” which I am happy to share with you, dear friends of Mondivirtuali.it.

Ydea – write Emy Burt – was  born to give the possibility, spending a little, to have outfits complete of all. After a bit of time I decided to create gifts for members of my group (or not) and this was a move that has helped to make Ydea an enough well known brand in Second Life”.  Emy, I might add for those those who do not have an historical memory about, is talking about 2010, ie already after the media hype of the virtual world of Linden Lab had largely passed its peak.

Now, unfortunately – goes on Emy – since a little while trade in SL has changed a lot: a little because of the arrival of the meshes, a little because of the crisis of SL, run a few users and little money” so “to stay afloat, and with to float I mean at least pay for the expenses, you must create so much and everything and sell at reasonable prices”. For this reason, explains the owner of Ydea, “I had to put aside my ideas and personal projects to devote to a job that has little to do with the title of “designer”. I’m creating everything and I based my business on the traffic of my sim, offering promotions in addition to the regular weekly giveaways”.

Ydea giftsIn addition to the sales of the mainstore, “help me a lot of my more than 150 affiliates scattered throughout SL and sales that come through the marketplace” adds Emy, who stresses, however, as “business in SL has been in crisis for quite a bit and stay afloat as I said it is difficult too”. And I can believe this very well, because as (former) general manager of Anubis Style, of my good friend Aubis Hartunian (at the moment out of SL because of lack of time due to RL commitments, but also to increasingly modest results obtained, in spite of the great efforts made and compliments received for her creations) I know even too well that it is not all gold what glitters in the world of “virtual fashion” (as indeed in that of the real fashion: ask yourself why a famous Italian fashion brand like Krizia has been sold to the Chinese Shenzen Marisfrolg Fashion. I give you a spoiler: sales are now a fraction of those of the Eighties-Nineties).

Emy concludes her reply reiterating how “the desire to leave an imprint of my own style there was and still is, but given the time I can not afford to create a dozen clothes every 3 months and sell them at “greedy” prices (at least in term of linden dollars, since we are talking of no more than a few euros per items, ed) as it was years ago”. The times “have changed, for better or worse depending on your point of view: from my point they are not changed for the best at all, but there may be that after years of SL and Ydea things change in this way”. What will be the fate of Ydea? “Until there will be my desire, my time and my financial capacity, Ydea will remain standing, with its own strengths and weaknesses”.

Personally I hope that this will mean many more years and many ideas for Emy and her Ydea and who knows what the “rediscovery” of virtual worlds that seems to have infected even the American “big business”, from Google to Facebook, can not help. Waiting to see how this ends I suggest you continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, in addition to our account on Twitter (where you can find even myself) and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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