Why Amazon bought ComiXology?

Why Amazon bought ComiXology?

ComiXology for AmazonDo you remember of ComiXology? We talked about it recently reached the target of one thousand of self-published comics (together with thousands of comics published by 75 publishers), a target celebrated with interesting “special offers”. Now the storefront created in 2007 from David Steinberger, John D. Roberts and Peter Jaffe in New York is again under the spotlight, this time because of business, since the Us e-commerce giant, Amazon, announced a few days ago to have reached an agreement to buy (the deal should be closed by the first half of 2014) the company which with more of 200 million downloads from start untill now became the main selling channel for publisher like DC Comics (the publisher of Superman and Batman).

The talks to sell ComiXology to Amazon seems have started some months ago and have alarmed Marvel (which means Disney) enough to make it change its subscriptions program Marvel Unlimited. But why has Jeff Bezos’s company entered the field of digital comics? Because as many and more of a traditional publisher, it needs quality content for its Kindle and that comics can constitute it there is no doubt if you look at how the numbers are going: from less than 1 million dollars of sales in 2008, in the United States market, there has been about 70 million sales in 2012 (from 25 millions in 2011) in respect of the whole comics market in North America wich seen 750 million sales (from 665 millions of 2011).

In short: the fantastic worlds of comics like a lot and thanks to the digital revolution they are increasing even more rapidly their readers and their revenue and unlike the rest of publishing industry the success of the online editions seems must not lead to the death of the paper, since in absolute terms the sales of digital comics grew of 45 million dollars in 2012 and total sales of85 millions, which means that even the comic book of paper increased by 40 millions their sales. Which if you think about it is the ideal solution for those who, like Amazon, distributes both traditional publishing products both their digital versions.

AmazonBefore buyig ComiXology, Amazon had tried tobeat it by throwing Jet City Comics, an extension of its Amazon Publishing program, without achieving a significant succes, despite some agreements with well-known authors, which could now emerge stronger from an integration with the offer of ComiXology. Bezos could also provide the necessary resources to further develop the ComiXology app (already available for the Kindle Fire but that could be directly integrated into future versions of the Amazon’s media player).

All happy, then? Probably yes, although, as always, some people fear that the acquisition by Amazon can distort ComiXology. But this is another story, which you can read as always following Mondivirtuali.it, our Twitter account and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: we are also on Flickr, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li).

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