Let me introduce Ydea

Let me introduce Ydea

YdeaThere is a name that every fashionist in Second Life increasingly pronounce with admiration: Ydea. It’s my fault if Mondivirtuali.it readers not have heard of it as they should have, because I got to know Ydea, or better Emy Burt, its owner and designer, since its birth, since it was just an idea, with “i” not with “y”, in the mind of a very imaginative and creative friend. A friend who opened her first shop at Best of Italian a land of which at that time I was the Ceo and Pr Manager, in charge of the relationships with the different designers and merchants that populated the land of Annemarie Perenti which name was born after an evening of discussion between me and my “boss” (who was also the owner of the adjacent land of Piazza Italia and was trying to attract international traffic to the virtual fashion tricolor, but that’s another story).

Emy has grown a lot and has grown her Ydea from that “heroic” times, comparing herself with the most successful Italian and foreign designers, such as Ziamela Loon (Jador), Sissy Pessoa (Baiastice), Mariaelena Barbosa (Meb) and many others that will not be a case, found with their shops next to the Ydea mainstore in Second Life, at Serendipity Lake (but of course Ydea is even on SL Marketplace and many other stores across Second Life). At the moment Emy has a catalog of nearly 800 items from freebies and group gifts (38), dollarbies and chep outfits (28) and outfits which cost from 100 to 500 linden dollars each (715), i.e. from 30 cents to an euro for outfit and please don’t tell me they are expensive. If you wish to spend a little more you have to know that there are four Ydea suits costing from 540 to 660 linden dollars (i.e. about 1,3-1,6 euros each).

YdeaSince I’m not a “classic” virtual fashion blogger as many Second Life players (from Ylenia Resident to Alii Vella just to name a few), whom regularly speak of the new Ydea creations  and photograph them for their blogs and Flickr’s galleries, I do not dare to express an opinion on what Emy knows to draw better, nor recommend you a specific outfit. I think, however, that its production is very comprehensive, ranging from jeans to evening gowns, from gypsy style up to Seventies references. If anything having to do her a note (though often turn to the Italian designer virtual or not), it seems to me you struggle to emerge a strong “theme” characterizing the collections from one season to the other, as it happens in RL and how some (few) designers of Second Life and other virtual worlds have begun to do recently.

In my opinion, fail to emerge even better the strong but fascinating Emy’s personality and who knows that it could not be so early as next collections. Until then I suggest you keep an eye on her in Second Life and on the web, maybe while you read Mondivirtuali.it and you follow its Twitter account (where if you like can find even myself) and Facebook fanpage. If you want to read  some of my further thoughts I remember you that even my blog is alive and kicking!

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