Ukd in Second Life for children in need in Kenya

Ukd Burlesque 02An event really to be commended that of Ukd Project, music band (Ukd stands for United Kingdom of Delight) which since 2006 perform in Second Life playing and singing their songs (two albums already published, Beyond Two Worlds and The Moon and The Water, while a third, the publication of which is expected shortly, have already been circulated some songs) whom during this period lead around SL the “Burlesque Show” with which they collect funds for the “Lavender field”, a registered charity that caters to the needs of very poor children as those followed by Live and Learn in Kenia.

It happened to me Saturday, March 15, to see the performance of Laura aka Rola Hykova engaged precisely in the “Burlesque Show”, in the land of Feed A Smile and to remain fascinated by this great Swedish-born singer who chose to come to live in Italy. When a friend “tipped” me to her concert, she told me: “You will hear, they call he the Nordic volcano”: I got there and … damn! I was invested by this powerful voice, warm, enveloping, which is second to none.

Ukd Burlesque FundraisingThe evening collected a total of 30,000 Linden dollars (about 120 Us dollars): these are certainly not the figures of similar initiatives by major events on television or in RL, but it seems to me a great result for a single charity concert in Second Life, also because to ensure that a child can receive a hot meal just donate just 100 Linden dollars (about 0,41 Us dollars).

Well done guys, then, and very well done Rola, praise also goes to Mrs Di Dixon, the builder who built the stage, and to Antonello Epifani aka Anto Cale, who governs the “engines”, as well as those who designed the costumes for the show that you can see in the photos, that is Thera Taurog and Sylvie Cerisey (aka Sylvie Milena).

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