Second Life restart with Cloud and Oculus Rift

Second Life restart with Cloud and Oculus Rift

SLgoOnliveThe decision to outsource the development of new products and services seems likely to be the hallmark of the strategy with which Linden Lab tries to turn the page: a few days ago it was announced the launch of SL Go OnLive, an announcement that seems to confirm, after the decision to discontinue the development of some products such as dio, Versu and Creatorverse, the decision to focus more on outsourcing and the development of new industrial and commercial partnerships, rather than the internal development of new products by the Californian company or to acquire them as happened with Blocksworld.

But as has already been written by bloggers admitted to the beta testing of the service, as Inara Pey, to propose the partnership was not Linden Lab, but Gary Lauder, the Chairman of OnLive (founded in 2003 at San Francisco by Steve Perlman and soon became the most famous provider of cloud streaming U.S., but imploded in August of 2012 when Perlman, who already had invested in 2009, took over the company which accordlingly to some sources with 8,000 server did not have more than 1,600 users, too few to support operating costs estimated in 5 million dollars per month), at the beginning of last year.

Oculus Second LifeThis seems to mean that SL Go OnLive can have greater importance for Perlman rather than for Ebbe Altberg, Ceo of Linden Lab,which makes sense given that Second Life can offer a wider choice of games offered by OnLive more than a paid service for Perlman rather than for (the first 20 minutes of connection are offered as a free trial, then you pay from $ 3 per hour to $ 25 for 10 hours of connection) can represent users of a virtual world used in very large part in free mode, especially if you do not have a broadband connection. The same Altberg in a conversation on Twitter explained to “don’t know” when SL Go OnLive will be available in all countries, since “it’s up to them”. “We want it to grow and be successful” added, “but it’s their product and their business”.

On the other hand the same Altberg always on Twitter invited those who would try to participate in the beta testing on the integration of Oculus Rift technology (glasses that make possible a 3Ddigital stereoscopic vision, of whom you see an image courtesy of Oculus VR) and Second Life and give a feedback. At the moment there is no “consumer” version of Oculus Rift, but Linden Labis developing a viewer that allows the use of the same with this device. Obviously, in order to participate in the experiment you must have a Oculus Rift. In the meantime the road to greater use of outsourcing and industrial and commercial partnerships by Linden Lab seems a certainty rather than a possibility. If you want to know how it will end continue to follow this site as well as our Twitter account and our fanpage on Facebook.

P.S. Breaking news of March 26th, 2014: is confirmed that Facebook bought Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars. What will Zuckerber do of glasses for 3D virtual reality is not yet clear, if I were in Ebbe Altberg and/or in Linden Lab I will be very curious about…

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