Edizioni Volando 2014 Award

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    Edizioni Volando Award 2014

    Edizioni Volando 2014 AwardIt was really a pleasant and interesting evening that was held last February 20 at Italian Mood in Second Life which saw the awarding of the first Edizioni Volando Award 2014 edition, literary competition dedicated to texts created in a virtual environment, ie texts of “avatars that are interested in the life, lived in the virtual world”, as noted 3Elena No, aka Volando Amat, owner of Edizioni Volando and creator of the award, which last year saw myself awarded for the short story “Con gli occhi di un avatar” (With the eyes of an avatar, published in Second Life by Edizioni Volando), thought to promote the development of that “avatarian thought” that Elena has long pursued.

    An interesting evening, not only because I won the second prize (too much honor) with a short story, “Rigenerazione” (Regeneration), which I hope you will want to read and found that, as always, along with other stories and poems that have participated in the prize (you can download it from the vendor at the headquarter of Edizioni Volando in Second Life), nor for the fact that the first prize, deservedly, was won by Edizioni Volando 2014 AwardWilliam Nessuno whith “Experimenting Minimal Death” and I was pleased considering William a valuable author since the times of the experiment “La Torre di Asean” (Asean Tower, a collective novel was born in 2010 from an idea by Lorenza Colicigno on a project of art installation in Second Life of Fabio Fornasari).

    Not, the event proved to be extremely interesting because it was nice, in an evening otherwise devoted to boredom as “not a fan” of Sanremo music festival (and as “not a fan” of tv football), end up with about thirty other people to hear what the many participating authors (dutiful citation for Juliette Ghoty and Stefano Leonara, tied for third with “Sogno nel Sogno”, Dream in a dream, and “Wish You Were Here”, and for Cordiseta Roses, author of he poetry “Ballo in Fa Diesis Minore”, Dance in F sharp minor) and Specal Jury Prize told about their stories and their poems, but also hear the questions from the audience, the applause albeit virtual, the interest that you felt real and, last but not least, listen to Bono Fouroux blues music, in live streaming.

    Edizioni Volando Award 2014 Bono FourouxThanks to Marjorie Fargis and Francesco Bonetto, who presented and led the evening, and of course to the jury and the audience and I promise you since now that I will participate willingly to any additional nights when we can get in Second Life, come together and I will tell you (next time I will use “voice” and microphone if I can) what goes through my mind when I drop into the shoes of Lukemary Slade and I “live” my stories, rather than to compare with other authors or enthusiasts of avatars, virtual worlds, characters and narrative.

    For now I just have to remind you that if you want to read also “out of SL” William Nessuno you can read Turris Asian (science fiction novel presented in May 2012 in SL thanks to Italian Mood and Imparafacile, published by Avanguardia21) and suggest that you continue to follow this site, as well as our fanpage on Facebook and our Twitter account to be always informed about what interesting things are happening in the context of virtual and fantastic worlds. Have a good weekend, whether you are humans or avatars.