Cloud Party Closes, High Fidelity Opens

Cloud Party Closes, High Fidelity Opens

Cloud Party logoCloud Party will be online untill 21 February 2014, then it will be integrated in Yahoo! according to an announcement in a statement the company born in San Jose, California, from “ex Cryptic” as Sam Thompson, Conor Dickinson, Jimb Esser and Jered Windsheimer, whom with the art director Garin Mazaika formed so far the team that developed the 3D engine designed to enable the development of a free online virtual world,  multi-player, real-time and able to run directly through a web browser without the need for client (which instead is needed in the case of Second Life, Opensim, Imvu and many other virtual worlds of success in recent years).

It is not clear at the moment in which the project team will focus once incorporated into Yahoo!,what is clear is that for Cloud Party after more than two full years of operation the curtain falls.Perhaps the intention is to develop new recreational environments directly for/in Yahoo especially since users has been provided a guide how to export and save the contents created so far. Techcrunch always noncommittally remembers how last year Yahoo! had already found another small startup, Playerscale, founded by Jasper Jansen, Oliver Kofoed Pedersen and Chris Benjamisen and engaged in the construction of infrastructure for cross-platform games that at the time of the acquisition could boast of supporting more than 150 million players around the world and to be able to grow by more than 400 thousand new users per day.

High Fidelity logoThe platform would still operational and could eventually be integrated with the team of Cloud Party to give life to some product or service of Yahoo Games (where just recently Jansen has been appointed general manager) in virtual worlds and gaming online sector. Meanwhile in San Francisco an old acquaintance of virtual worlds as Philip “Linden” Rosedale has opened the door to the first volunteers eager to test the alpha version of High Fidelity, the latest startup of the former “father” of Second Life which is developing a new approach to enable a virtual world to have interactions between avatars related to hardware equipped with sensors on the type of Google Glass or Leap Motion.

In short, something is moving, finally, in the small world of virtual worlds and us of will keep you informed of developments so stay tuned (even on our Facebook fanpage and following our Twitter account). In the meantime, we point out that if you are passionate about graphics and virtual worlds, you can participate in the first contest of our group on Flickr: we can not wait to see your works!

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