The Last Travel of Imogen

The Last Travel of Imogen

Bryn Oh ImogenI must confess, I had to wait the post of Bryn Oh about the closing, in the next weeks (I think for the end of October), of the exhibition Imogen and the pigeons, opened at early 2013 in Second Life, arter having attracted over 50 thousand visitors from all the world, to finally find time to visit it.

The problem with a virtual world, even if I am involved since years, is that it’s a “competitor” of real life in the use of free time of everybody and since in these years of crisis of really “free” time there is always less (at least for me, since I am busy trying to make ends meet) here is that even leisure and pleasure that can come to visit art installations, attend events, experiment with new devices and technologies, or simply “wasting time” chatting and admiring dreams graphics through the video of my pc is always less.

Imogen and the pigeons is by the way a beautiful “immersive and emotional” exhibition (to cite Honour McMillan) of an artist that I had the opportunity to admire several times in recent years, for example at the Italian land MiC-Im@aginarium managed by Mexi Lane (aka Marina Bellini) and so I can only advise you to hurry if you still have not seen it and do a day trip to Immersiva and deal with the new artist proof of Bryn.

Bryn Oh ImogenA test which seems to me to resume and bring further forward the “artistic figure” seen yet in Anna many murders and in Family Unit, the journey of the visitor in (literally as you move from a “box” to another) and the journey of the artist, with an upward motion through a labyrinth of rooms, works and atmospheres different from each other but united by a certain twilight mood.

I don’t wanna bore you, Imogen and the pigeons is to live in first person more than to tell, so if you have not seen it yet, or if you were not having had time to see it (if you read this piece after the end of the installation), I leave you with a video uploaded on Youtube by the same Canadian artist who in announcing the forthcoming closure of the installation and removal has already made it known that he wants to work for a new project that I hope we can all enjoy early, RL allowing.

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