Hot Summer for virtual worlds and cosplay

Hot Summer for virtual worlds and cosplay

hot summer for mondivirtuali.itRecord numbers in August for despite the natural decline in entering new content, accomplices a couple of weeks off, according to statistics that come from the servers of (our host), this site was able to attract in August more than 22 thousand visits, or a total of 391,112 pageviews, equal to an average of 12,616 daily pageviews (or 710 daily visits). So let’s update the numbers that we pointed out at the beginning of August: in the last year, the site that not only tells you about Second Life but also of major online 3D platforms and more generally as it relates to the concept of “virtual worlds” (novels, comics, manga, video games, online platforms, etc) registered 228,443 visits which generated 1,885,628 pageviews.

A result which we believe has contributed significantly to the decision to strength the project (which in July was also among the nine finalists of the Kublai Award in Rome) from just a website to a number of social tools ranging from presentations on Slideshare to thematic fanpages on Facebook dedicated to graphic dreams and to virtual worlds in general, from our “magazines” on and up to the thematic groups on Flickr, on Koinup and on Pinterest‘s boards. All this without forgetting our presence on Twitter. Each of these tools has seena constant flow of new friends/followers, retweets, discussions, insights, generating a nice level of what is technically defined as “engagement”, which we would like to further improve with your help.

hot summer for mondivirtuali.itTo make the project sustainable, we need of course to identify sources of income that go beyond just advertising itself largely insufficient to repay our efforts. For this we intend to further evolve our project and we are even now open to new collaborations and partnerships with content creators, advertisers, media publishers or enthusiasts of virtual worlds.

It is with pleasure that we have witnessed in recent weeks, albeit “at distance” to the success of the two events as Modix, the 23 and 24 August in Sicily, and Salerno in Fantasy, in Campania, whose first edition was held August 28 to 31, which saw among others involved Baby Pooley (aka Ivonne Citarella) and Yaia Nishi (aka Viviana Capraro) in a stand dedicated to the twin event “Second Life in Fantasy” (while in world was invaluable collaboration of many Italian fans, beginning with Fiona Saiman, aka Lucia Baldini, but the complete list would be very long). Two events, among other things, that demonstrate how they are also growing in Italy of the “cosplay” fans, which is at the end a way to “reproduce” in real life characters and environments of virtual worlds and that’s why we think is worthy of further investigations. Any suggestion in this regard is, of course, welcomed!

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