Collective design

Collective design

collective designAugust started nicely for the Italian users of Second Life, thanks to a “creativity” experiment realized at Xigola by Virginia Lupindo, together with “Il sasso nello stagno” and to the work and “practical & graphic” help of Ketty Dagostino.

The project of collective design was inspired by the teachings of Bruno Munari and Gianni Rodari, as well as from the same Lupindo Virginia RL experience and was born just over a month ago with the idea of ​​”helping the creativity and ensure that it became common work, common object” in Second Life.

collective designIt all started with a single graphic mark, with the only rule to use a dark mark, possibly black, and from there create the space of the physical page, which was then passed to another and so on, keeping it growing.

Here in Second Life all participants (Violetta Veeper, Ketty Dagostino, Jo Magic, Ville Valo Philbin Nicolai, Giorgio Mayo, Priesthe Spiritor) have contributed to this goal and with precision and commitment have managed all together to make a good job, which may not be the only result of this “experiment“.

collective designWho knows, maybe other surprises will wait us with new evenings devoted to the collective design. We hope this could be, honestly!

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