Crowdfunding for Avis in SL

Crowdfunding for Avis in SL

draculea avisIt took place on the evening of June 2, inSecond Life, at Terra del Sole, a fundraising for the Avis in order torealize the first unpublished musical funded through crowdfunding, a way for collecting funds from fans,supporters and various friends who promise to invest a certain amount of money because they believe in a project and with generosity and passion decideto support it in exchange for a reward.

The event, wanted and realized by Napoli, la terra dei Matti, in collaboration with Amiciradio-Network of Tatiana Khaos that linked the 17 Italian lands, provides a final evening on June 20, with a live concert of Brunella Platania and a presentation of KlaudeC Korobase (aka Claudio Crocetti). At the end of the evening will be removed tipjars for donations and will be notified of the total amount reached. Many sims are involved in the project: Antipatik Station, Du Demon, Italian Lesbian, Zynco Snoopy, Astral Dreams, Torino, Resun, Giulia Design, Samarcanda, King Ranch, Atmosfera, Ashmoot, Nel Baby and BabaloSunset Italy.

If the total of “promises” will reach the total expected by the final evening, the money will actually be collected and used to implement the project. For this reason we need your help to share this dream together. The idea from which all took origin, developed by Crocetti in partnership withAvis (Association of Italian blood volunteers) Municipal section of Milan and Rome and Tuscany Regional, is to create a theatrical release in musical key inspired by the Japanese manga “LadyGeorgie“, involving well-known artists of the Italian panorama of musical-theatrical.

Avis in SLThe first phase of the project involves the realisation of a CD with music in the main tracks of the entire theatrical work.This CD will help Avis non-profit organization to support and promote the culture and awareness to the donation of blood and plasma. All with the collaboration of Radio Antipatik Station, which is sponsoring the event with the other sims. Lukia Halderman and Napoli’s staff particularly want to thank Ortensia Zham and 1212 brentley, extraordinary in conducting the event, Radioamici of Tatiana Khaos,that united the lands for a common goal so special, singers Giovanni Tommaso, Momi Hallison, Estrelia Guisse, Viviana Houston, Cecilia Susanty, Altum Neox, Jade75 Ovis, all land owners and supporters of the Crocetti’s project “Georgie“, all the friends who contributed to the success of this event so new in Second Life, and especially donors.

For my part, I can only tell you that it was a very enjoyable evening during which I could appreciate in particular Viviana Houston and Cecylia Susanti: mother and daughter, two exceptional voices, with a rare and unique vocal power, which together with the other great singers involved have really enlivened the evening. With regard to funding, as mentioned, you can donate up to 20 June, both on site and in the land of Second Life who sponsored the event, knowing that the first thousand CDs that will be made ​​will be donated to Avis. What are you waiting?

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