Virtual worlds of new generation

Virtual worlds of new generation

Virtual worlds, mere gaming platforms, wasting time, alterations of reality for alienated and depressed? Or even tools to make culture, to spread it, to create and test, to prove roads that the physical reality would prevent (in fashion, in architecture, why not in music or with experimental format of events and entertainment)? The “shared creative spaces” as now call them Linden Lab, after that the term “metaverse” has fallen into disuse and was inextricably associated with a very specific historical phase, that of the first and never repeated, for now, success of Second Life, may have a second chance, we believe, in a more mature way than six years ago.

new generation virtual worldsSeems to think so Philip Rosedale too, the “father” of the virtual platform developed by Linden Lab, who then left the project to develop new activities (such as Coffee & Power) and now engaged again  in the development of a three-dimensional virtual reality platform of new generation, High Fidelity, probably based on the Voxel 3D engine as reported earlier by TechCrunch (who spoke of a financing round of $ 3.4 million of which the first 2.4 million already made by Rosedale, lucky him) then by New World Notes, the James Wagner’s (aka Hamlet Au) always attentive blog.

This time with Rosedale is the entire team of Coffee and Power, that is Stephen Birada (IOS & Web developer), Jeska Dzwigalski (marketing and community manager), Ryan Downe (already in Linden Labe and then co-founder with Rosedale of LoveMachine, now SendLove, the first project that the father of SL began to develop when he was no longer involved in the daily management of the virtual world of Linden Lab) Freddy Heiberger (former consultant for Accenture, CIBT and Siren Systems, an expert in audio design and economic models), Grayson Stebbins (designer) and Leonardo Murillo (OPs developer and senior engineering advisor). A great team, no doubt about it, so that the wait is great to see if by High Fidelity released something truly innovative and “real“, ie able to have an impact in the every day life of of its users, not only in terms of entertainment but also in the professional field.

Certainly the discussion about virtual worlds is far from dead, as it would superficially seem to the Italian public. That’s why us of are trying to collect new forces, new ideas, enthusiasm and capital, with the intention of trasform our project from a “simple” site that talks about Second Life and other main current virtual worlds into a tool to spread a greater culture on the subject in Italy (and not only), to realize events, to exchange experiences, to facilitate the meeting between demand and supply of solutions, products and services. If you want to know more and want to help us, we started to summon up Kublai‘s friends, by the way continue to follow us here or on our Facebook page (dedicated to virtual worlds and to the best graphic dreams that they allow) or through our Twitter account. We promise that you will not get bored.

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