The nature of Erzsebet

The nature of Erzsebet

ErzsebetIt happens sometimes that you surf through social media sites like Deviantart, Flickr, Koinup or Pinterest and find interesting images, with their own recognizable style, and you want to know the author and discover that is a person extremely nice. It happened to me recently with a Bulgarian girl, Erzsebet Valeska, using Second Life as a tool to produce images really refined, romantic, often combined with the text of songs or poems. I think that Erzsebet is a real “graphic dreamer” and I wanted to ask her where and how she takes inspiration to realize her works.

Luciana Pinazzo: Your compositions based on Second Life editor are very full of colors and details. It’s your own style or do you take inspirations from the work of some RL artists?

ErzsebetErzsebet Valeska: My inspiration comes from music, movies or books… then all is draft in my brain step by step like little scene from the real life, depending on what I can see at the moment, or which music I listened, but I usually create my pics like a little scenario, as a storyteller.

LP: How did you decide to start create pictures from virtual worlds and is there any theme which you consider most (fashion, portrait, landscape…)?

EV: Inspiration comes very spontaneous: it can be exploring a sim, or chatting about something particular with my friends and I can have a sort of “flash” speaking to me and suddenly giving me a desire or creativity.

LP: How many times do you spend usually to create your work? Have you some advices to give to those fans of yours who would like to create images beautiful and rich of atmosphere like yours?

ErzsebetEV: I never really measure how many times it takes to me, so I can’t really answer to this question. I can start one day and modify all the day after and finally changes some little details, or I can do all very quickly and work on Photoshop later. No one image is really the same as the others. The only advice I could give is: patience!

LP: Within your albums on Flickr there is one (“It’s my life”) RL related. Do you love to take photograph in RL too, or is just a way to vary from SL related images?

EV: AI love to take pictures in RL too! I love nature and I’m always surprise about all the beauties life can bring to us! So I love immortalizing some moments of this life.

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