Dokkie, curious fairy

Dokkie, curious fairy

DokkieHave a nice year and first of all thanks to the about 700 fans that joint Graphic Dreams and added to its pool over 8,750 wonderful images created using graphic editor of virtual worlds like Second Life, Imvu or Twinity or Mmorpg as The Sims. Tools only apparently “cold” or “amateur“, which in the right hands, however, allow to express a range of emotions and themes from the most playful to the most serious ones.

The artist that struck me this week is Dokkie, but I want to remember you again how old names (Chrystalship Rehula, Connie SecPaola MillsLitheaRocapC or Link just to name a few) have competed with established artists (Annie KlavinhamThea Maiman, Gioelececed) and emerging names (Lanay, Moniq Salamander, Julliette BerganMerthyn Vintner) to enrich the group pool. All this while on Flickr the group dedicated to the art of virtual worlds has passed in turn the target of 5,100 images (which you can see from the homepage of posted by 250 artists: not bad at all!

DokkieBut let’s go back to Dokkie: in her work strikes me the innocence and joy, both that it is to portray a friend, Niobe, or a group of 3 Fairies. The innocence has no shame, because it has no knowledge of rules and social conventions, so the figures that glow vividly in the works of Dokkie are often naked, or with skimpy clothes and laid almost at random, girls playing like women but who still do not understand the art of seduction, because they are still in contact with nature and therefore pure and innocent.

Or at least that is what the playful images of Dokkie let me feel. But she is also able to celebrate the love in her images, like those made for her friends Nicky and Jake, or transform a nightmare into a 3D installation like the one represented in Hospital.

Dokkie friendDokkie can also be sensual in its own way, though he is passionate about Fairy tales, not disdaining even the use of black and white, that already other artists such as Paola Mills elected as their stylistic signature to create sensual images with a high impact, to portray herself or “weird” situations different yet equally interesting, because something always marked by a childlike.

If Dokkie wants to represent the world through the eyes of a little fairy, a girl who has the curiosity and the desire to grow, however, and wants to preserve her “wonderland” as a new Alice, I think she is on the right track, what do you say? I will wait your opinions in the comments on the site or on our page on Facebook, but do not make me wait too long, please!

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