Strawberry Singh and the social media

Strawberry Singh and the social media

Strawberry Singh is from the May 2007 one of the most active “resident” of the virtual world Second Life. Blogger, manager, photographer and “social media enthusiast” as she define herself, present in the main (photo) graphic online communities from Flickr (with almost 2,600 images), to Deviantar (650 images), up to Koinup (with a selection of about 300 shots), Strawberry has one of the graphic production most popular among the bloggers from around the world talking about the virtual fashion and beauty, whether it’s fashion blog or sensual images.

Luciana Pinazzo: Berry, how was born your passion for virtual worlds like Second Life and for (photo)graph?

Strawberry SinghStrawberry Singh: Back in 2007, when I was only a month old in SL, a friend of mine took a picture of my avatar inworld and then he photoshopped it and made it all pretty. I was amazed at what he could do and then started taking pictures myself and playing around in Photoshop.

L.P.: Your images are among the most popular between Second Life residents and often you are portrayed, how do you feel about this notoriety on the web?

S.S.: I’m really happy and appreciative that people enjoy my work. I don’t see myself any better than all the other wonderful artists on Flickr, in fact I feel like I still have a lot to learn. So it’s a nice feeling when people appreciate my pictures, especially since a lot of my heart and soul goes into them.

L.P.: To create your pictures how long it takes on average and how much of your business in Second Life also has a flap in your “real” life?

S.S.: For my blog, it can take me anywhere from 3 to 10 hours to style and process an image. It really depends on the day and what I’m wearing. As for how much of what I do in SL is related to my RL, none at all. I know nothing about RL photography and my RL career is not related in any way.

L.P.: Can you reveal to us some “tricks” to be able to create images like yours?

Strawberry SinghS.S.: I think the biggest and most important part of my photography is my graphics card and computer. Without that, I would not be able to create the images I do. Having a good graphics card that can let you run ultra graphics and shadows and depth of field helps a lot, especially since I am not that skilled in Photoshop!

L.P.: Your production is boundless, but do you have a favorite image and if so why?

S.S.: There are some images that I’ve done, that I liked a lot. I have a Flickr set of them here. It’s very hard to choose just one image, as there are many that mean so much to me for various reasons.

L.P.: For those who want to start today to work as a fashion model or a photographer in virtual worlds such as Second Life, what would you recommend?

Strawberry SinghS.S.: I would recommend any activity in Second Life as long as you enjoy what you are doing and you do it for the right reasons. Second Life is there for us to enhance and enrich our lives. I make sure whatever it is I am doing in SL, I enjoy doing it and it challenges me and teaches me something. I really don’t have any recommendations for people wanting to be a model, as I’m not really a model myself and I’m not sure what it all entails but as for photographers, I know I love my graphics card and my copy of Photoshop. Those two things have helped me immensely with my photography.

L.P.: Great, thanks for your time Berry, I was very happy to interview you for!

S.S.: Thank you once again for this honor, I am flattered you guys have asked me!

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