Claudia222 Jewell meshes

Claudia222 Jewell meshes

Started in early February, closed in these last hours the exhibition of the artist Claudia222 Jewell, “Spirit”, at Art Screamer sim, in Second Life.

Claudia222 JewellAn installation made entirely of meshes (as in meshes was the free gift that the artist has made available to all visitors), elements that Claudia, an artist able to generate the “wow effect” since her first installation (“Parallel Worlds”, hosted in Farstar New Earth sim), handles perfectly, so much that images of her works were used at SLCC2011 by Linden Lab to show what one can do with this new type of elements (read this interview to learn more about), proving once again that the virtual world of Linden Lab is well suited as a platform to promote digital artists online.

Over 20 thousand visitors for Claudia222 Jewell

Claudia222 JewellAs has already been done by other artists (for instance like Bryn Oh at the Mic), the installation of Claudia took up the whole sim of Art Screamer, a place conceived by its curators (Zachh CaleAmase Levasseur and Chestnut Rau) to support the best artists of Second Life offering them a space to exhibit their creations and support to promote and achieve an audience wider than only that of the art lovers.

A goal that exposure of Claudia222 Jewell seems to have reached, since that have been reported over 20,000 unique visitors who went to visit the installation (in many cases returning to it several times) and that the events organized to celebrate the end of the exhibition drew even more public, with the presence of many well-known content creators in Second Life.

Even Nessy Shepherd among the visitors

Nessy ShepherdFor example, when I went I, as well as meet the same Claudia222, I happened to see, among the many avatars that came and they began to look around for the entire island, an old friend of, Nessy Shepherd, already famous graphic dreamer and former co-onwer of fantasy sim Dark Realm. Nessy as you should known in RL is a Dutch lady, painter and writer as well as passionate of the fantasy genre (and in particular of the Drow elves).

Chat with her as we both admired the work of Claudia (informing it of the existence of the Mondivirtuali fanpage on FB to which I invite you to give it a “like” and participate with comments, advices and requests) it was a pleasant way to spend half an hour on Sunday morning and to confirm that SL is far from dead, if you know what to look for and have interests to share with the right people.

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