Putri Solo’s power

Putri Solo’s power

Putri SoloIt ended on the evening of July 3 the first edition of the Festival Live of Second Life, organized at Napoli, La Terra dei Matti 2, (in Photon Catchers) strongly desired by the patrons Lukia Haldermann (owner of Napoli) and Mynue Zarco (builder) who have held three evenings (26, 27 June and the final evening of July 2) full of empathy and good music.

Three evenings in which progressively challanged, to the sound of notes, various singers (only virtual for the avatar, but very real as a voice) in the  beautiful setting of La terra dei Matti, presented by the talented 1212 Berkley (memorable his “so that…”) who has stood up to lag and the sudden crashes, with consummate mastery of scene.

The 12 singers, divided into two groups of six in the first two evenings, were chosen for the final by a very heterogeneous jury i.e.: jury president Marcus73 Core (scripter), Lion Igaly (artist), Solkide Auer (artist), Aquiladellanotte Kondor (founder of Virtual Worlds Magazine), Aloisio Congrejo (gallery owner both in sl and rl) and myself Nunzia Mayo, co-owner of Mondivirtuali.it.

Putri SoloThe singers who have “battled” in two evenings of selections were well known names in the music scene of SL, that is: Putri Solo, Daemon Naidoo, Atlum Neox, Dancampus Madrigal, Estrelia Guisse, Curti Cortes (who were the six that passed to the final) besides Fabio78live, Freelady, Andrea, Orny Forcella, Tiziano and Efisio Tabelman.

Each singer has proposed 3 songs, not necessarily Italian, who put to the test (between voice capacity and emotion) their vocal cords: the winner was the Indonesian girl from Jakarta, Putri Solo (aka Thala Verani Delhaye), a girl who is a singer also in rl and has a remarkable vocal power.

One feels that she has the music inside: managing to convey the emotions in a virtual world is not for all. Very nice was the time of award and feel moved Putri I think it was the most intense emotion of the evening, which once again demonstrates the strong involvement that may be behind a pc.

But congratulations go to all the participants, because even if in a virtual world it takes courage to get involved and congratulations to the organizers who have achieved an excellent result (up to 80 fixed presences in land during the last night) and who have put all in conditions of get away. What else to say … Let’s see for the second edition?

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