Free avatars and outfits in Second Life

Free avatars and outfits in Second Life

I must admit, I’m not a fashion victim in Second life. But when I read the article by Luciana Pinazzo about Bouquet Babii’s brand Vero Modero, I was curious because even I have heard “in world” of it, so at the earliest opportunity I went to visit her mainstore.

Vero Modero fabolous fashion gifts

Vero Modero virtual fashionHere I discovered not only that there are always one or two people of the customer service staff ready to help you and that the directions to move around in (more than adequate) space of the store are very visible and easy to follow, with plenty of comfortable tp that allow you to move from one section of the store to another quickly and many descriptions that let you always understand what kind of merchandise is  exposed in that part of the store (I know, these should be trivial things but often I happened to get lost in huge shops, filled with hundreds of vendor sarranged along the walls and very little guidance on how to orient). I discovered that there are some fabulous gifts for those who joined the group Vero Modero (whose membership is free).

For “fabulous gifts” I do not mean a dress or two, or maybe a set of hair, or eyes, or any accessories, not. I mean fabolous gifts: are still available (and every month new ones are added) gifts ranging from  pairs of shoes (sculted) for special occasions like Halloween to whole costumes, from the latest fashion outfits that have nothing to envy the Vero Modero models for sale or of the most famous fashion brands in Second Life, to full avatars.

Not just outfits, but full free avatars

Vero Modero virtual fashion giftsYes, you have got it right: among the gifts that you can take free (there aren’t limitations even in the number of gifts that you can take away whenever) there are boxes with full avatars: shape, skins, eyes, hairs and of course outfits and accessories (including shoes). In some cases, even with objects to set up scenes if you like photography (for example, a box provides a complete female avatar… plus a phone booth included in gift!).

OK, I know that many of these gifts have been reported in gifts and tributes blogs such as FabFree or similar. But I had to report it to all readers of who still believe that Second Life should only be an expensive hobby, or that you can not customize your avatar so good if you do not have large budgets. Vero Modero shows the opposite: in SL you can create very well graphically cared characters without spending a linden dollar (one linden worth less than half a  euro cent).

Except maybe discover that spending some linden dollars (though at lower prices to those who you agree to pay to go grab a pizza and a beer with your friends) you can really create “unique” characters, worthy of being the subject of your roleplay, or of your digital images or simply to relax, making you be for a few hours a week what you can not be every day. So, good (and cheap) second life to all and follow us even on the group on Facebook to keep abreast of the latest news from virtual worlds!

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