Avatars are within us

Avatars are within us

There were some, like Roberto Venturini, who called it an example of geek advertising, but I like to think that advertising designed by Empreinte, French manufacturer of lingerie that put a virtual model in the windows of its new concept store of Paris, just near Place Vendome, is an example of what could be the use of avatars in the future, free of platforms based on an architecture designed to be used by desktop PC or laptop and instead can also recovering “old” technologies as holographic to take life among us.

Empreinte avatarsA “business” future for avatars and virtual worlds which is very different from industrial applications like those of Ford, also from the “entertainment” perspectives of Caprica, which by the way could be a very interesting development in the years ahead of some aspects that today characterize the most popular 3D immersive platforms such as Second Life, IMVU, Twinity or The Sims.

But stop with talking and analysis, I leave you to judge the quality of this virtual model that comes alive every night arousing, for now, considerable curiosity among

passers-by and then hitting her right in the end: to let people talk about the shop and the products that are exposed in it, including avatars.


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  • […] The development of the laser since the sixties of the last century made it possible to make huge advances in this technology, so much so that some years holographic avatars are used to animate the windows of some clothing stores, as Mondivirtuali.it already told you. […]

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