Vero1324 puppets

Vero1324 puppets

Vero1234Wow, I took a couple of weeks off to finish some RL works and what are you doing? Exceeded 7 thousand images in the pool of Graphic Dreams and some old and new acquaintances posting spectacular images, form VladMad with Saint Mojo to Zhey with Princess in the snow, from Wise Sandalwood with OMG It’s raining boots to Chrystalship Rehula who goes around Anna’s Many Murder and takes pictures as Butternews (and then Connie SecElle Thork and GuinneV which add other interestingimages to their already very rich galleries).

So hard to choose, unless you decide to get out of the box for once and go to reward those who  “dare” to use other mediums that not only the editor of Second Life. Among the latest to have posted pictures that I find very interesting for a new aesthetic that the use of virtual worlds is starting tohelp, but with strong roots in the visual arts of the last century, there is Vero1324, whom I noticed for images as My living Cello, made starting from IMVU (or more rarely from Frenzoo).

Vero1234Vero1324 is a girl who says in her profile: “the principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before” adding to love “the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I’m competing with is me”.

Surely Vero1324 is a girl who loves to confront and run in many different directions, just look at a picture as Traveling and compare it with others like Industrial Fashion or Inferno to note how she is able of playing with colors as much with the tone of the narrative, as wel as with issues that remain as focused on the representation of self, passing  fromfairytale traits to almost surreal at times, depending on the composition.

Vero1324 Spotlight PinkIn Vero1324’s images there is a freshness that leads her to experiment with filters, colors and shapes as Pop Tiles, MotherOriental Beauty 2 or Out of service. Above all, Vero1324 like to explore the theme of the avatar (as with Veronica, the Avatar already noted in the Diversity Contest), of the puppet (to which she devotes Marionette), of the mask (as with Sadness of a clown, always interesting, both the first or the second release). But Vero1324 as many members of the “MTV Generation” can feel at ease in the role of his character, no matter whether Genix or Temptress, wearing candy pink outfit as in Spotlight Pink or Pink Doll or in blue ones like as Na’vi Girl rather than on the heathin the guise of an elf like in Avyel.

And because, believe me, the gallery of characters Vero1324 has invented is very rich, there’s no better way to browse through her gallery on Koinup and enjoy the vivid colors, the spontaneity, the freshness of the stroke. The Pop Art of the XXI century passes from virtual worlds and social networks? For Vero1324 the answer seems to be decidedly “yes!“.

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