Fuschia: not everything is plain black and white

Fuschia: not everything is plain black and white

Fuschia NightfireNot Everything Is Plain Black & White” is the name of a new exhibition that cover the entire sim of MetaLES from 20 January to 20 February 2012 made by the artist Fuschia Nightfire, in RL the British painter Nina Camplin, a series of works in black and white and all shades of gray that give a touch of high quality surreal, dream-like to the show.

After being the winner of the seventh UWA prize last year with the piece Zebras, Fuschia was invited to do a full installation. She had to find an idea that fills a whole sim and opted for the theme “Not everything is simple black and white”. The exhibition consists of a series of installations in all black and white and shades of gray and the viewer finds himself confronted with a surreal journey, with a dreamlike setting. Since landing point you must decide whether your own avatar will visit the section black, gray or white.

Outside the white area, for example, there is only a black hole where you need to jump in to find yourselves in a peaceful world diver. From there you take a tunnel back to the surface which is full of surprises, such as zebras, flying creatures and a dancer who dances. As the exhibition provides a clear path to follow is also possible and fun to get away from it and dwell on interesting details that otherwise might not notice. After visiting the sim, I could not do but contact the artist to learn more about it.

Nunzia Mayo: I read that you’re an artist in RL too.
Fuschia Nightfire: Yes I am.
NM: What do you do exactly?
FN: I paint murals and do some illustration work and sometime dog portraits.
NM: How did you think about an exhibition like this?
FN: I visited SL first just to see what it was all about, I didn’t know there was art on here, but when I found a gallery and told them that I was an artist, they looked at my website my websiteand asked me to put some of my paintings on show.
Fuschia NightfireNM: What is now SL for you?
FN: Now SL is my favourite place to make art, the possibilities are limitless!
NM: Do you collaborate with other artists?
FN: Yes, I love to collaborate with other artists both in RL and on SL.
NM: Why did you choose the theme of black and white for the exhibition?
FN: I was offered this show when Ux Hax, who runs MetaLES, she saw my Zebras piece of work, the title was “Not Everything Is Plain Black & White“, so I chose to stay with the title and make a larger show with that theme.
NM: You are for black and white or color?
FN: I am Fuschia! Very much colour!

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