Kanielle Bellic suggestions

Kanielle Bellic suggestions

Kanielle Bellic Many new arrivals in the Graphic Dreams group, now rich of over 6,300 stunning digital images made ​​using the most popular platforms of virtual worlds as Second Life, The Sims, Daz3D, Imvu or Twinity. But before talking about some of the artists who have most recently joined the group I refer you the return to full activity of Chrystalship Rehula and manygood images of the “girl from Portugal”, Maa Ghia, but also of new works by graphic dreamers known as Emms, ConnieSec and GuinneV, rather than LitheaWise SandalwoodRocapC or VladMad (as well as Betty Rogan of which I have just spoken).

In short, you have already guessed that I would and I should speak to you again of a lot of graphic dreamers that I wrote earlier last year, because they continue to propose new interesting works, in some cases refining their technique and building on themes already explored in the past, in other experimenting new styles and new themes. But the very success of the group makes me calls, andtalk about a graphic dreamer whom I followed for some time and I think now it’s time to refer you: Kanielle Bellic (who has now closed her account on Koinup but still is visible on Flickr). Kanielle is, to use her words, “a woman who likes to do many things“. The result, as regards graphics, it’s a very rich and beautifulgallery, which seems focused on the representation of the female.

Kanielle BellicThe women of Kanielle Bellic seem rebels momentarily caged as in Behind the chainlink, steampunk or gotich heroines, bad girls engaged in an intense activity with their partners (better if on the notes of a song whose text accompanies the image as in My Nasty Naughty Boy), sometimes wear masks like clowns or enjoy to play characters in manga as in Only for Girls. If you initially Kenielle enjoyed making pictures for himself or for virtual friends that this constituted no more than a pastime, in recent months she has also started a photo studio business in Second Life (Kani’s Visual Images Studio) and more frequently began making a series of themed images, as Demon and his Virgin (here and here) or the “3 words pics” series, which up to now consists of five images (here, here, here, here and here). Series that Kanielle has developedin collaboration with another artist of the metaverse, Nathaniel Jehangir (who is Kanielle’s virtual partner).

By the way Kenielle’s style seems to prefer traits determined, deep contrast, saturated colors. But we are not faced only another “MTV generation” artist, since her issue is not the typical “pop” one of this kind of artists, but rather has always taken a little worried, that seems to betray uncertainty and complexity of times in which we live and in this differs from the multi-colored light-heartedness of the “MTV generation” (with whom, however, seem to share a certain irony to the bottom). Congratulations and we hope to see more works soon.

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