My friend Sniper Siemens

My friend Sniper Siemens

Sniper Siemens is a woman of many facets: she has passed from RPG to be a builder, from building lessons to operating systems. Strong-willed, stubborn, determined, very private and with a great heart, are several years that Sniper “lives” in Second Life and she has got to be known and appreciated for her remarkable builder capacity in many sims as well as by the same Lindens. But do not waste any more time talking, here’s what she told me one evening talking at the Solo Donna club.

Sniper Siemens Leonardo da Vinci machinesNunzia Mayo: “Sniper“, why this kind of nickname?
Sniper Siemens: It was the idea of ​​a friend of mine,when I entered the first time in SL, in February 2005. I have been a couple of months then I let go, then I returned in 2007, always the same “name“.
NM: Why?
SS: Well in 2005 there was nothing, no one Italian, my friend said that I was able to see from far away and because of this he has nicknamed me “sniper” and gave me the idea for the name.
NM: And how much of “sniper” is in you?
SS: Quite a lot!
NM: Where do your ideas as a builder come from?
SS: I am a good observer and I like to build things unusual.
NM: Years ago when I met you you were doing other things, is not it?
SS: The story of Gor was fast: When I realized that no one role anymore, I stopped.
NM: Tell me, the period of Gor left you something?
SS: Everything is useful and makes the whole experience.
NM: How many steps you went through before becoming a builder?
SS: I have been builders for quite a while, almost always. Maybe not at these levels, but I started to build after a few months in SL.
NM: Do not you just stop to construction, right?
SS: No, I became almost immediately Mentor, a helper namely, that help people. I read all the rules of SL and how to use it, then I familiar with the PCs as I work with since 18 years ago.
NM: So part of your RL experience is here.
SS: With regard to computers I would say enough and since we are in an online program…
NM: I know that you collaborate with the Linden Lab too.
SS: Well lets’ not exaggerate, the LL has no direct employees. Let’s say they make everything by themselves, but I have some friends and usually respond when I call.
NM: But you have worked or done as a mentor for the program Firestorm, right?
SS: I am the official officer of the Firestorm support group, yes and I am translating the wiki into Italian.
NM: We will read you there?
SS: The pages that are in Italian, yes, I still have to translate it all, is an immense work.
NM: How much time do you spend for SL??
SS: 6-7 hours a day on average, then depends on the RL commitments.
Sniper SiemensNM: Why an exhibition about Leonardo? (that you can visit in these days here)?
SS: Well, I really like Leonardo (who not?), then he was Tuscan like me. I was fascinated by his machine and I thought why do not build them in SL? I know that had already been made, but not many and not so detailed.
NM: I noticed your accuracy in the details, is it always the case for you?
SS: Recreate everything of Leonardo in SL and make it wrong, it would be an affront: either do well or forget it!
NM: I mean not only of Leonardo.
SS: Yes, it is a bit in all things. If I can do them in a good manner, ok, otherwise I give up. I do not like mediocrity, let alone turned into excellence.
NM: To change the subject, do you believe in an SL economy?
SS: Sure: turn millions here, even too many.
NM: Millions?
SS: Yes, the turnover of SL is in millions (of dollars): servers, sim, plus all the stores…
NM: Ah, but you mean millions for Linden Lab?
SS: The turnover, yes. Then, some users have also made ​​millions, as did Anshe Chung, but a few and in another period. It is more difficult now.
NM: Do you think SL also affected by the economic crisis?
SS: I would say yes, just open the map and look at any place: half are yellow land, for sale.
NM: It will end SL?
SS: Sooner or later yes, but I would say that we are safe for now.
NM: Finally, how much is a “game” SL?
SS: Well I do not know, depends on how do you take it.

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