Betty Rogan the explorer

Betty Rogan the explorer

Betty RoganFirst of all thanks for a Merry Christmas and happy new year also made in the Graphic Dreams group on with some nice pictures by artists such as Wise Sandalwood, Emms, The Bad New Bear and of course Annie Klavinham, Rocap and Kanielle Bellic.

Then let me welcome the return of Link that I did not seethe work in the group for a long time although it was among the first graphic dreamer of which I spoke (Links in the meantime has grown as an artist and now instead of using the avatars of The Sims she draws her own beauties digital illustrations) and to suggest to you to see the gallery of HivaOa Insoo which I find particularly rich in suggestions and if not that is still relatively small (55 beautiful images when I write this article) I would definitely be judged worthy of the graphic dreamer title this week.

But in the end after a thousand doubts, because with more than 6,200 images and over 550 members each time the choice is more difficult, I decided to speak of Betty Rogan and will immediately suggest Day of Rain which I think by a strong surrealist influence is able to exploit well the potential of the platforms of virtual reality as a working tool. Another picture that I find has a strong impact is The wait is nearly over where the cold background tones bring out the warm tones of the avatar better portrayed in an almost dreamlike.

Pretty FaceBetty Rogan rather than its near twins Snowflake and Just a dream rather have a touch of fairy tale, as well as Burning Man or the same self-portrait of the avatar / artist using highly pictorial features that I find very enjoyable and alternate with a more gothic style as in Stop Whispering, Black or The greatest light is the greatest shade just to name a few.

Interesting are also the landscapes as Sunset Honey,Worlds End, rather than Rust or Storm at Innsmouth but the surprises that the Betty’s gallery  reserves are not over.

Betty RoganThis is because Betty has made ​​a series of images dedicated to a little bee’s Avatar (“Little Bee” in fact, created by Xerxes Luna for Betty) and even some machinima as this one. Little Bee has visited some of the most interesting sims of Second Life creating non-trivial images as Little Bee visit Petrovsky Flux or Little Bee visit Vita’s Garden or even Little Bee Empress & Hierophant so that at the end Betty reissued the entire collection in a machinima also on her account on Youtube. So my advice is to sit back and enjoy the many surprises that Betty is able to offer until the next graphic dreamer, always here on (that you can also follow through our Facebook’s group).

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