25 years of Pixar

25 years of Pixar

From November 23, 2011 until February 14, 2012 will be held in Milan, at the Pavilion of contemporary art (Pac), the exhibition “Pixar 25 years of animation”, dedicated to the first quarter of a century of the homonymous animation companies that children and kids from around the world know for making films such as Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall.e, Ratatouille and dozens of others.

john lasseterThe exhibition since last year has already shot half the world from the US to Japan, passing through Mexico, Australia, Taiwan and Singapore, Hong Kong and China, up to land in Europe (it has been staged in London, Edinburgh and Helsinki) and may be an opportunity to see up close more than 500 works, from the first feature film, Luxo Jr. (1986) until Cars 2 (2011) and anticipation of the Brave (last film made, which is expected to be released in theaters next year and of which you see a preview here).

The layout of the Italian stage was curated by Maria Grazia Mattei, founder of MGM Digital Communication, journalist, expert on new communication technologies: the exhibition is divided into four sections (Characters, Stories, Worlds and Digital Convergence) that allow the viewer to see how from the first pencil sketches you get the finished product through the display of digital images, drawings, sculptures and ColorScript. Then there are two special installations (Artscape and Zoetrope), using digital technology to revive the works on display in the exhibition, designed by architect Fabio Fornasari, a name that is familiar Mondivirtuali.it, being present since 2008 in Second Life (as Asian Lednev) and since he was the creator, among other things, of the Tower of Asian, presented at Ars in Ara also, rather than NeoKublai (born in collaboration with the creative community of Kublai).

John Lasseter, George LucasBut beyond the Italian and “secondlifers” references the exhibition is certainly enjoyable and interesting in itself, offering an insight into the history of Pixel, a company founded in the meeting by John Lasseter (already among the drawers of theWalt Disney Company) with George Lucas (producer of movies such as American Graffiti, Star Wars and the cycle dedicated to the adventures of the archaeologist-adventurer Indiana Jones). Lucas, who in 2009 gave the same Lasseter the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement tributed to him at the Venice Film Festival in Venice, ceded in 1986 for 10 million dollars his digital animation activities to Steve Jobs (who at that time had temporarily left Apple) whom gave life at Pixar. A good deal (for Steve) since exactly 20 years later, in 2006, the same Walt Disney Company acquired Pixar (which had already created for years for Disney itself animated movies such as Toy Story) for 7.4 billion dollars.

For those who love digital art and think that even the animated movies (digital or not) represent a form of artistic expression, that is definitely worth a visit to Pac, if you go later in the company of your children might have a good excuse to put aside too serious talks of “adults” and go with your own children. What are you waiting for? If you can already buy tickets here.

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