Halloween dreams

Halloween dreams

Halloween StarielIf love in all its nuances, from the tenderest to the most hot, in every kind and versions, is one of the themes celebrated by many graphic dreamers, is perhaps the spirit of Halloween, it will be for laugh, it will be to denounce certain violences that we get used to everyday life, by the way death and the macabre have their fans.

So for once instead of talk about a single artist in the Graphic Dreams group on Koinup I want to point out some “horror” pictures among the most successful ones I’ve noticed recently in the group, from the image of Bark that we used as “cover” to this piece and that I find very funny (although technically is not part of the group’s image pool). Among the most recent pictures I point out to you some of Wise Sandalwood (graphic dreamer whom I have already reviewed for Mondivirtuali.it last september) dressed very “Halloween style” using some of the latest outfits of the latest collection of Solidea Folies skillfully mixed with other pieces, such as skins, various hats and necklaces, as is used to do Wise.

Aliza Karu HalloweenIt ‘s all a picture of another kind the image of Stariel (a very interesting artist, I still I have to present to you) but that makes me think of the many pagan gods at the end of which the feast of All Saints has come to cover the traces in the collective memory after the advent of Christianity, but the echo of which revived from time to time in the sensitivity of some artists. It therefore seems to me equally “on theme” both with Halloween and with “graphic dreams” I’m usually looking for. Is with my pleasure that I point out to you also a beautiful and colorful image of Emms, “Happy Halloween” (that’s it!) an artist of whom I talked about over a year ago and which for some time now has come back to post regularly about her new images on Koinup, to the delight of all fans of graphic dreams.

Among the graphic dreamers who use The Sims rather than Second Life as editor I want to point out to you Aria (which makes the best wishes of happy Halloween with this image), while returning to the Second Life fans I suggest you look at the images of Nak Exonar, Kanielle-Bellic and CapCat (obviously everyone has a lot of interesting pictures more than the one you suggest). I will conclude this review with a picture of VlaMlad, who typically uses as you know Twinity: maybe it’s not a “classicHalloween’s image, but it seemed to me sufficiently interesting and “dark” and whimsical to cite.

A final curiosity: do you know who is Jenn Violetta? Many fans of graphic art will remember perfectly, but with regret I have not had time to present her “virtual” works, now removed from the web and rarely exposed in Second Life. It’s a pity, because despite the violence of many images really deserved to be admired. Have you guessed who is her or better the nickname than she used as she presented her “virtual“works? In the meantime have a Happy Halloween!

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