Login Second Life Winthorpe

Login Second Life Winthorpe

Login Second LifeSome days ago a friend, in Second Life known as WinthorpeFoghorn Zinnemann, contacted me (through Google+, that’s the power of web2.0) explaining how much she cares to “let you know about a documentary that I’ve see just today and about wich I wrote a bit on my blog.

The documentary was in English with Deutch subtitles and regards virtual worlds, from World of Warcraft to Second Life, telling “something interesting about the concept not just of virtual identity, but above all about how much and in wich way metaverses that we  so much love can be precious even beyoud the entertainment” for a lot of people suffering for different diseases.

Issues which are well known to Alice Krueger aka Gentle Heron, president of Virtual Ability (whom appears several times in the documentary), ranging from leisure and socialization  until “hot” activities (with a long interview to the person who perhaps more than anyone else knows the workings of the industry, i.e. Kevin Alderman, aka Stroker Serpentine).

But then there are issues directly linked to the “game” with interviews with a professional player (Thomas Bengtsson, aka Scarab Lord Kungen, leader of the guild of Ensidia in World of Warcraft). So waiting to see him maybe dubbed in Italian on some channels of Italian digital terrestrial, if you still have time try to watch this documentary, made by Daniel Moshel entitled “Login Second Life” (you can also visit its official site), that lasts a good 86 minutes and will be visible for a few days free streaming on the website of the German television ZDF at this link. Enjoy the show!

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