Dota 2, let’s play

Dota 2, let’s play

Woe to say from now on “it’s just a game“: as officially announced in a statement from Valve Software, in “The International“, first official tournament of Dota 2 scheduled from August 17 to 21 at Cologne, Germany, during Gamescom 2011, 16 of the best teams in the world will compete in Dota (Defense of the Ancients, a custom scenario developed for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, third chapter of the Warcraft of Blizzard Entertainment, which produced and distributed Warcraft series from July 2002, see there). The winning team will receive one million dollars, while Nvidia will provide all the hardware for the event.

Dota 2For those who do not know in Dota 2 teams of players fighting on a rectangular map with their bases positioned at the corners Southeast and Northwest, defended by a fixed number of guard towers and waves of units driven by the computer through the three paths that connect the two opposing basis. Each player controls a hero chosen from a range of more than 100 characters, each with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

At the start of the game heroes start from level 1 and gain experience by killing enemies or enemy creatures, until pass level and see a growth in their attributes (strength, magic, points, etc) as well as gain or enhance spells and special abilities. Killing opponents and destroying their bases allows the heroes to earn gold in the game that can be spent to buy weapons and other equipment. The goal is obviously to destroy the enemy base.

The International will be as a matter of fact the launch event of Dota 2, version that tens of millions of players of Dota are waiting for months and that Valve (the company has since October 2009 hired the original designer of Dota, Icefrog) has promised to make available for PC and Mac by next Christmas season. Among the teams that will compete unfortunately there are not Italian (or American), while there are five Chinese, five other Asians and six Europeans and it is a sin: given the times we live in for some enterprising guy could be a fun way to supplement his/her income, who knows.

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