Visiting SL8B

Visiting SL8B

SL8BQuick chronicle of a Sunday afternoon spent visiting, too quickly, the many installations SL8B (event dedicated to the eighth anniversary of the opening to the public of Second Life), with particular emphasis on Italian artists. The feeling was like in other times be confronted with a kind of trade fair where visitors can become aware of the “state of the art” of Second Life. The theme chosen this year, “the magic of Second Life” has convinced me not much, but it has undoubtedly inspired many artists who have made ​​good exhibitions, some more happy or more curious as inevitable in every event.

SL8BI will not do rankings of any kind, being too subjective, but the feeling was a good vitality, because as I wandered among the hundreds of large and small virtual booth I noticed some dozens of avatars involved in visiting this or that exposure (among others I saw, flying close to the installation of PhoenixPallina60 Loon, the installation of whom I had visited a few minutes earlier).

Who believes that avirtual world is alive only if it has a high “visible” concurrency (a sort of All Sound of Music), is served even if it is clear that this is not and may never be the mode of using a platform like that of Linden Lab, which continues to have other than the distinction of being a sort of electronic palette for its users (do you remember “your world, your immagination”? It ‘s still largely so).

SL8BI was so very pleased to see that works like those ofPallina60, but also of Merlino Mayo (great really) or Simotron Aquila (along with an international artist already very popular, Eupalinos Ugajin). Many, too many other Italian and international presence that would deserve a note (here others were mentioned, I can now add that the stand of The Italian Taste was among the most recognizable, right next to the Linden’s Auditorium), the hope is that, switched off the lights of this event, remains alive the pioneering spirit and art that brought hundreds of people around the world to show once again what could be achieved and that some private foundation or company wants to allocate adequate budgetsto study the best use of this and other virtual reality platforms.

SL8BPlatforms capable of producing new and more immersive forms of art and communication, certainly not suitable for 750 million members of Facebook (but how many are actually active?) but certainly able to build digital artifactsthat can excite and encourage growth of rea social networks, which often come  rom the virtual to become real friendships or collaborations.

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