50k lindens for your photos

50k lindens for your photos

While the celebrations for the eighth birthday of Second Life (SL8B, this year dedicated to the theme of the “magic of Second Life“) opening, SLY & ZEB, the poses and animations trademark  of Andrews Zebberman, offers to all fans of Linden Lab‘s digital platform the chance to win up to 50,000 Linden dollars (over 190 US$/130 euros) thanks to the “Custom Poses Photography Contest 2011“.

A contest through which Zebberman aims to reward men and women together, since to take part you must first purchase 5 poses for couples (don’t worth the single poses), in a special offer for the entire month of June at the store of ZEB&SLY at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jador%20Fashion/104/134/25, then shoot five photos (one for each pose) in as many different places in Second Life, one of which must be realized near the island of Jador Fashion, part of the “fashion district” built more than a year ago around the famous land of Best of Italian, then send them by July 3, 2011 at the same Andrews Zebberman.

Zeb&Sly ContestThere is no specific theme, so you can give rein to your imagination and you are free to edit your images (or not) with the usual image editing programs, just not having obscene or offensive images.  Each photo must be completed by: the title of the photo, the photographer’s name,the name of the pose used, the name of the two models (it is allowed any combination of male and/or female avatars) and the name of the location where the photo was taken.

A jury will select the 20 best images, based on the beauty of your chosen location, the expressiveness of the models on the quality of lighting and composition. The 20 best images will be featured on the Moolto.ning.com community to be voted from 15 July to 15 August.The 5 most voted images will undergo a final evaluation by a quality jury consisting of renowned experts in photography that will select, in September, the winner of the contest. All the photos will remain property of ZEB & SLY which can use them for commercial or not commercial purposes.

The winner will be rewarded with 50,000 Lindens and a package of SLY & ZEB poses with a commercial value of 30,000 Lindens, as well as a presentation on More Magazine, a contract for one year as a testimonial of ZEB & SLY as top photographer pick of the brand and a gift card worth 2,000 Lindens offered by MEB. Second prize will consist in package of SLY & ZEB poses with a commercial value of 30,000 Lindens and a gift card worth 1,000 Lindens offered by MEB. All the 20 finalists whose photographs will be voted on Moolto.ning.com will receive a gift card worth 200 Lindens offered by MEB.

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