Giovanna Cerise vibration

Giovanna Cerise vibration

Giovanna CeriseIt opened on June 5 and will remain open until June 22, the exhibition “Vibration” of Giovanna Cerise hosted by Arkandhor. But let’s get to know Giovanna, an artist “born” in Second Life at the end of 2008 (and that since January 2011 is also working with the magazine Virtual Word Magazine, especially in dealing  with events related to the artistic world of the Linden Lab grid), but immediately intrigued by this new and intriguing world.

Her curiosity and her desire to do brought her quickly to focus on “how to” make something, starting from the use of a single prim then move on to more complex works. In 2009 she held her first exhibition at the gallery La Piramide (see there) and then slowly was a guest in other SL galleries both Italian and foreign, also participating in shows related to RL events as Arte Fiera of Padova, guest of the French artist Patrick Moya (aka Moya Janus).

Nunzia Mayo: How was that experience?

Giovanna Cerise: Patrick was live from Padova and came up with his avatar in SL, showing on the screen to visitors my work also, together with those of other artists in Second Life.

NM: And the meeting was…?

GC: It was exciting, because for the first time my work was shown in RL.

NM: How has been accepted your work?

Giovanna CeriseGC: Well, it was an immersive work and many were amazed to see the avatar that flew inside the work! Since then I have always tried to give shape to my feelings, sensations and perceptions.

NM: Have you a land where to work?

GC: I have my gallery, at Itland Entertainment.

NM: Where do you think will lead you, now, your curiosity?

GC: I do not impose limits, certainly immersive works attract me a lot.

NM: Future plans?

GC: I will participate in SLB8 (Second Life Birthday 8, LmS), a major demonstration  during which we celebrate the eighth anniversary of the birth of SL. It will be the first time that I will take part in such an event.

NM: Bring you a selection of your works or you will make new ones for the occasion?

GC: I will make a new installation. But I can tell you more, it’s a surprise!

Waiting for the “surprise” of Giovanna we congratulate with her for the work done and a big “good luck” for her future works (if you want to visit the exhibition, what you have to do is just follow the teleport below).

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