All Kyra’s colors

All Kyra’s colors

Kyra PfefferSometimes scrolling through now thousands of images of Graphic Dreams I came across some very well done, only to discover that the artist has a photostream still too underdeveloped to merit an entire episode but which is worth at least a note.

So as of now, I advise you to keep an eye to Fata Flores since already with an image as In the Stillness she proves that she has what it needs to give more pleasant surprises. Well, trold about Fata Flores now I can present this week’s graphic dreamer: the Brazilian fashionist Kristine Karfield aka Kyra Pfeffer.

Kyra, a burst of colors

Kyra PfefferI liked her photostream on because Kyra is cheerful, joyous, an explosion of color and pleasant and cute images (see Fig59 o Ys144 and you’ll understand what I mean), like maybe I should have expected from a Brazilian girl who uses the best locations in Second Life (enjoy discovering what they are…) as the background to capture the avatar wearing some outfit in large part the result of that mix that Kyra selects from gifts and freebies that “virtual” fashion brands offer to their fans in the Linden Lab metaverse.

Which does justice to the fact that Second Life is really “your world, your immagination” and if you know how to take the good, do not necessarily pay big bucks to enjoy yourself and get good results from a graphical point of view and artistic too.

Fashion and graphic united by a light touch

Kyra PferfferKyra joins in fact the two worlds of fashion and graphics, with alight touch and nice, helpful to remember that after all the art (not just the electronic art) is also a great game in which the artists are like children with a particular design that could “turn on” a thousand fantastic colors everything on which they pose gaze. If you want some examples, try to see Lemania 3 or Mix 156, or even Mix 153 or KK322.

The only advice I can give to Kyra is to improve the titles of her pictures, although I understand that probably were taken to have an “archive” of images of dozens of outfits that Kyra has found and reconstructed in recent years on Second Life before to propose them as exemple of graphic art.

Yet they are, perhaps more than some pictures  that some try so hard to achieve: the art is in the eye of the artist before her/his mind, I’ve said many times, the case of Kyra, an artist may be “involuntary” but authentic, confirms it once again.

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