Maa Giha, a girl from Portugal

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    Maa Giha
    Maa GihaShe comes from Portugal (as the SL fashion blogger, Ana Lutetia) and chose for herself the nickname of Maa Giha. Her stream on is rather dense (750 images at the time this article was written, but Maa seems intent to add many others) and of good quality, as you can expect from the best graphic dreamers. Maa is very meticulous in her images, often (you can also note in her blog) test and try different shades, light and color, and of course using different platforms, form Second Life to OS Grid or the German grid German Gate.
    Many times Maa portrays young women moving from full-length as in “where (in the hell) am I?” or “(un)readeble” to close-ups as “Where?” or “Staring”, picture for which posed an old acquaintance of our readers, Miguel Rotunno oka RocapC, owner of Miramar Studio & Modeling Agency. With Miguel / RocapC, Maa has already held an exhibition (between February and March 2011) of their works in Second Life, at the MeiNem Gallery.Maa Giha
    Despite the friendship between the two artists (Maa also posed many times for and with Miguel in his images as in “Butterflies 003b” or in “Eros & Aprhodite”) can not be said that RopapC has influenced in a particular way Maa, who instead of the bright colors often used by Miguel prefers sepia tones or shades even darker, giving many of her images a glaze of “old” that makes Victorian images and a little Steampunk (except that you rarely will see in her works the “machines” that are typical of this narrative genre).

    Maa GihaAnd even when Maa using more vibrant colors, as in “Yes… I am (for) real” or in “Autumn feelings” the result is much closer to the dream and a fantasy universe that surrealism as with RocapC. A final note: within the most recent experiments of Maa Giha there are composite images, such as “Fragment_ted” or “red (strange) pieces”. Personally I find them the most interesting, both as graphic treatment and as a composition, so I hope to see more of them in the future.