Virtual diversity double opening

Virtual diversity double opening
virtual diversityDouble opening of the exhibition of the works created by the winner (Senban Babii) and the top twenty runners up of the contest Virtual Diversity organized by, works that remain on display these days both at the Diabolicus Art Space gallery of Laszlo Oerdoegh (aka Velasquaez Bonetto) and Josina Den Burger (aka Josina Burges) in Second Life (here the video of the opening) and at the Museo del Metaverso art gallery of Roxelo Babenco (aka Rosanna Galvani) in Craft (a video of the opening can be seen here).
virtual diversityAn exhibition space relatively “classic” although with some pleasant changes the first, more dynamic the second, for which Roxelo could rely on the cooperation of Nicola Reinerman (builder), Luce Laval (ideator and scripter photos setting), Oberon Onmura (scripting of the texts), Velazquez Bonetto himself (scripting and supervision) and Rumegusc Altamura (calibration).
Both events have attracted the attention of many avatars in their platforms, further evidence of the interest aroused by the theme of the contest and the works that have taken part. An interest that even can confirm since the four articles on contest’s opening, the deadline nearing and most of all the results and the winner’s interview not only have been read to date over a thousand unique visitors overall, but showed increasing rates of reading.
virtual diversityThen we can only congratulate one last time with the winner of Virtual Diversity, Senban Babii, the almost ex-equo Frieda Korda and all the other artists who took part in the challenge by proposing works very different but all equally interesting and that we will probably meet again in the coming weeks always on the pages of, and invite you to visit the two exhibitions in Second Life and Craft.

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