Zynga, what’s new

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    Zynga save the childrenThere are a lot of news for Zynga: or even for the people of the South Usa hit in recent weeks by some tornados has been activated a subscription, in collaboration with Save the Children, similar to that already made ​​in favor of the Red Cross for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 11. Then as it announces a Zynga press release the “social game fever” have infected a famous pop star, Lady Gaga (whom in March donated $ 1.5 million just to fund raising for earthquake victims in Japan), who started playing Farmville inviting all fans to visit “Gagaville” where you can listen preview songs, taken from the new album “Born this way” (on sale from May 17) and win tickets to her concerts and autographed copies of the CD.

    By the way Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) has always focused on operations and aggressive marketing aimed at young audiences, so that simultaneously the aspect of “fun” has been activated, by the French community UserFarm, a competition for young creatives, Lady GagaFrench this way” that from 13 May to 5 June 2011is giving away up to a thousand euro for the user who has made ​​a video, inspired by American artist, which will be the most voted by users of the French community.

    Returning to Zynga, which seems to speed up the landing on WallStreet after the success of the social network for professionals LinkedIn (which May 9 starteded the placement of 7.84 million shares at a price of 32-35 dollars each and aims to raise 271 million dollars against 175 million assumed earlier this year, for an overall assessment between 3 and 3.6 billion dollars), pursue acquisitions of other companies. Once it acquired in December Newtoy (creator of the games series “Games With Friends” including some game designed for mobile as “Words With Friends” and “Chess With Friends”) in late April it was the turn of Wonderland Software, British creator of the game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad “GodFinger”, proving that the future for the social game is increasingly mobile.