Second Life is not dead

Second Life is not dead

Having to write in about why in Italy the interest in virtual worlds and Second Life in particular waned because of another sloppy, and frankly negligible, disparaging article, in this occasion appeared on the site of Vogue (here), is frankly depressing after more than four years I’m using Second Life and explore virtual worlds for personal and professional reasons.

This while our site, in the meantime risen again to first place among the Italian ones dealing with this topic, with the highest numberof page views per player, the largest absolute number of visits and the highest time spent on site, see graph, compared to all direct competitors (less which by the way despite being an Italian project is an online community that brings together content by users all over the world). Mondivirtuali on AlexaYet the angry reactions that I’ve seen many times before in similar at all circumstances in previous years, this time produced over a stream of comments on the site of Vogue also  a “zombies meeting” as for fun but not too much someone wanted to define the meeting convened by Marina Bellini (aka Mexi Lane) at the land of MiC late last night (5/5/2011).

A meeting where talked many of the 80 avatars present (i.e. with the current limits of made ​​in Linden Lab technology constantly near land full), expressing shared evaluation, passionate defenses of the medium, and experiences, meaningful criticisms and some valuable suggestions. Of all this you can find a moviewitness filmed by a Margye Ryba (aka Carmen Auletta, we told you about her here), at this adress.

Marina Bellini Mexi LaneTo sum ​​it all: to show that SL is not dead and people continue to use it for interesting experiments should on the one hand increased competence of those who want to use it professionally (and rather too often does a hobby), a culture more focused on new technologies (which is often lacking in Italy) as well as art and culture itself in the broad sense, finally, the possibility (or willingness) to share listings, events, experiences, so widespread on all means available (websites, video channels, blogs, profiles and fanpages on social network like Facebook and so on).

That would probably also find that sense of community that is much appreciated by those who want to use Second Life for fun without necessarily having to become expert in something.

Everything nice and all right, but I am sure nothing will change unfortunately (of course I always hope to be contradicted by the facts): the Italian press has flaws that go well beyond the inability to speak correctly of Second Life; Linden Lab took a series of decisions (from rising fees to the closure of Second Life Enterprise until the lack of development of targets and rules of the game for those who appreciate the fun side of the platform) that go far beyond the ability of Italian users to protest or react to them; Italian users themselves continue to be highlyself referential and are not able to perceive a real reason to use this medium to those who are not already using it.

mondivirtuali fanpage on is always available to give visibility to all of you (with articles or advertising), consistent with the time at my disposal, with the superposition of events of different nature and importance nationally  and internationally (in SL, in the virtual worlds and in RL), and with my and your budget.

In the end it’s all here: are you (are we) willing to invest time and money on this tool and these targets? Do you (we) have the skills to use it well and make it known to those who do not use it? Are you (we) willing to “be a community” as it is done abroad? If thee answer is yes you/we will speak for a long time of Second Life and all present and future alternative platforms, if not… weell, pax et bonum.

Have a good day, I hasten to write for a fee, having still to  work for a living, if you want to add or clarify, please enter your comments (and express your “like” i.e. join our fanpage on Facebook, thanks).

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