AM Radio and Feathers Boa are leaving SL

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    Far Away AM Radio

    AM Radio Far Away Second LifeIt happens reading the main blogs on Second Life and virtual worlds to cross news that otherwise would be lost in the vast sea of internet and instead seem to signs of a malaise that is struggling to move about the virtual world of Linden Lab, which is the leaving of some content creators, apparently without the gaps are filled with more new artists (but is it really so, or will not depend on the low visibility that Second Life now, and therefore the majority of its “emerging” artists have on the web?).

    So Prim Perfect relates the message, originally spread in group chat by AM Radio, about the closure of AM Radio installations (The QuietFar Away, A Little Further Than BeforeSuperdyne, Surface and The Ferry, until now hosted in the sims leased by IDIA Labs of Ball State University) within the next six months. No drama, only the forthcoming conclusion of an artistic experience that for AM Radio has already achieved its goals and that will not disappear forever, as has already been archived, only will be no longer freely accessible in Second Life.

    Next leaving even for Feathers Boa (aka Mary Linley), a “an experienced 20 year old girl with no track record and no clue” (she was an art student at a university in Massachusetts) as she describes, which on her blog announced her “early retirement” from “the vibrant and wonderful SL arts community” after “nearly 4 years of unbounded creativity” which enabled her, among other things, to become in RL a freelance video game designer  working for Us and Japanese companies.

    Feathers Boa Second LifeFeather/Mary was part of that group of artists collected by Bettina Tizzy (aka the Texan PR Beverly Millson) around the project NPIRL (Not Possible In RL) whose blog is at a distance of years a wealth of evidence about what Second Life and virtual worlds have been able to turn the imagination of creatives of the world. Feathers Boa (whom in SL met her future RL boss and her current RL partner) as well as AM Radio untill now hasn’t remove her works from either SL or on the web, so it is still possible to admire and buy (for instance in the two virtual art galleries she manages, at Feather’s Bay and at Tickles & Bites Gallery).