Anais experiments

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    I am back to look after months in the Graphic Dreams group on and, gasp, over 4,000 works! Four thousand images of all kinds and for me it is hard to select new names to offer, without doing wrong to someone. Also because many of the graphic dreamers already submitted on this column (I quote two for everyone: Connie Sec and Rocapc) continue to put high quality images so that I would want to mention them again.

    Anais SapphireI was, however, lucky: a picture from the last tens entered hit me, I went to see the album of the author and I found myself in front of interesting pictures. I’m talking about Anais Sapphire and particularly of “Dream” a pleasing composition which is mixed dreamesque feelings with floral details and the use of quite unusual tones ranging from blue to purple. No less interesting seems to me to be “White”, played on the contrast between the dark skin of the avatar at the center of the scene and the alternation of gray and white background, very dreamlike.

    Want more pictures that prompt the dreams, perhaps by using more chromatic scales? Try with “Machine” or the eerie “Vampire”, rather than “Smoke”. All very powerful images, but Anais show of wanting to have fun always looking for new roads. So she experiments and creates surreal images as “La giostra” or “The Fly”, or mysterious portraits as “Look out” or “Leonida”, then come back to play with the lights in “Masquerade” and in “Words”.

    Anais SapphireThen change again and test images that recall the technique of collage or take fairytale tones, as in “Dark Angel”.

    In short, I think Anais is a great experimenter, never tired of using new platforms (from Second Life to Assassin’s Creed) and techniques, new subjects and colors to create works traits sometimes disturbing, sometimes epic, sometimes romantic. My journey through the graphic dreamers of could not restart better, thank you Anais.