Virtual worlds increasingly mobile?

Virtual worlds increasingly mobile?

We receive (and gladly publish) from our friend Kerubina McMillan a post on the latest innovations in terms of mobile web, it seems that more and more can also affect the virtual worlds. Have a nice reading.

Nunzia Mayo in Second LifeSome days ago was released the last little gem of Apple, the iPad2, and all seem crazy among the new features and “super fashion” cover to demonstrate, in spite of many, that technology is increasingly becoming more and more small, versatile and indispensable.

Not to mention the new 3D technology, such as that used by Nintendo 3DS using the depth for its 3D effects. A tablet pc as the iPad would be useful for agents to see their catalogs, for a journalist to write drafts of articles while traveling around the world and lose his head to the more lazy you can access social network and have a moment of relax with other applications.

Speaking of new technology, why not exploit it in order to allow not only to do what is already done, but also to stay connected to the virtual worlds that require more powerful hardware architecture, perhaps by developing client specific to the individual tablet, smartphone etc?

iPad2 virtual worldsSome people prefer reading a book in the subway: new technology since a long time provided e-books; there are those who prefer to read a newspaper: and here with an iPad or a smartphones connected by Wi-Fi or 3G one has the ability to do even during trips short or long; but who among all these other would be a nap between a virtual little trip?

Or attend an important event, or simply want to chat, or continue the construction of some of his new invention?

It is already possible (see for example the video review of Roberta Cirillo, aka Loren Merlin: to use the now powerful technology to stay always connected with our favorite virtual worlds, no matter if are platforms for second lives or RPGs or fighting to the death.

There is talk of technological evolution, Windows 8, Lion, Android, upgrading of software, perhaps not so very long ago would have seemed absurd to us to know that in the second decade of the new millennium could make a double journey between the real and virtual, maybe while on a Freccia Rossa Rome-Milan and instead of looking out the window the monotonous landscape you prefer traveling to a new virtual ground made up of demons, vampires, or participate in an exhibition or a fashion show.

So what is missing from our mind to make that step and accept that we evolved in a “new species“, that combines technology with comfort, which can remain connected even while in the gym or shopping. What will the near future bring?

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