Alipia the Drow

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    Alipia the Drow

    Alipia Rossini: Venduì Luca (Alipia brings the right hand to the forehead, mouth, and then show the empty palm).

    Lukemary Slade: Venduì Alipia. When was your character born and why?

    Alipia Rossini DrowA.R.: Alipia is the third daughter that my poor sick mind has given birth in SL. The first one (of whom I won’t tell the name) lived for several months and was basically an explorer. In those days I loved to wander randomly and often I was amazed of the variety, of the imagination demonstrated in building the land I visited: there were lands in which virtual reality was a copy of the real world, others in which reality were increased or exaggerated (paradise islands but also extremely wild lands) and finally lands on which the manufacturer had retained only weak ties with reality to go deep into the dream or nightmare, and these were the “lands” that attracted me more, because I seemed to enter the soul of those who built them and those who attended. This my first alter ego arrived early enough to expose part of myself in RL, a misteke that I didn’t repeat since then. So my baby, no more free and independent, has died one night. After her were born a few months after Nutte and Alipia. Nutte continued explorations where the eldest daughter had left them, while Alipia came, coincidentally, first to Neverland (IDV island in the virtual world) and then to Vulcano, and here everything changed: Alipia first became a builder of buildings, then jewelries, then a manufacturer of weapons and armors, then devoted herself to the script, and the animations in order to sculpt.

    L.S.: How did you get to role-play?

    A.R.: The passage of Alipia to role play was almost obligatory. I went into the Drow clan of LegendaOlath Darthien” in the days when Itinera was ruling and soon I fell in love with this game. I knew little of this fantasy race but I began to study books and manuals and web pages and in the end I think I have developed some skills. However I was not new to role-play, as in RL I was a fierce player of “Dungeons and Dragons” and of “Cyberpunk”, but in SL things are different and often much more complicated. After these things turned around for a long time following my clan and visiting various land fantasy RPG until I landed at Dark Sun (then known as the Dark Kingdom). There, alone, I created a new clan “Olath Sssiks” (which in Drowish just means Dark Sun). The clan became my family in SL and introduced me to many people, first of all my “virtual sister” Veronika Oldrich (whon you see in the image below). Since then a lot of lands, many Drows (Morphy, Eleonora, Dotan Xue, Xitaly, RedLucifer, Anto84, Nihal) while the virtual family expanded with Kroenen and then Valyrula, Magnolia and others. While out of the RPG Alipia continued to be a maker of weapons and armor that sells under the brand “Olath Sssiks”.

    L.S.: Your character in some way reflects what you do or that you are in RL or you wanted to let to the imagination rein?

    Veronika OldrichA.R.: I am Alipia and also Nutte, or rather, they are me. Alipia is strong and loves to fight, touchy, vain, somewhat sensual but at the same time, caste, religion and education, easy to anger but at the same time maternal and always looking for a family… she is the expression of a part of me and how I am in my life and at work. Of course, my avatar is much more “pussy” than I’ve ever been in reality, but that’s the beauty of dreams isn’t it? Similarly, Nutte known in the role-play as the little cat Miu!, is an expression of crazy and absurd girl who lives inside of me screaming to get out and blow off steam, maybe even just run like crazy screaming Miuuuuuu! facing the world. A side that I represses continuously in RL but in the virtual world is able to express itself fully (with my great satisfaction).

    L.S.: Tell us about a “typical day” of Alipia Rossini in SL and RL.

    A.R.: Alipia Rossini in RL is wife, mother and a freelance engineer, backed by an office of good dimension and is quite pleased with the work she does, but not very satisfied with the proceeds. I think I’ve done things that my colleagues can only dream of and yet they have more money than I do…  Oh, well. My typical day? I get up at 6.00 for an hour of sport, wake up my husband and daughter at 7.00, I prepare their breakfast then I take advantage of the bath, at 8.00 I am ready and prepare to take my daughter to school then go to work. From that time until the evening I am an appendage of the PC or have to say curses in some yard. In the evening I usually do some meeting or some course (I do a lot of them), and even if I have no one I’m never home before 20. Usually arrive shortly after my husband and daughter (who was with her grandparents) whom making noise while I prepare dinner.

    L.S. When do you have time for Second Life and your beloved Drows?

    A.R.: After dinner a window opens for SL. When my clan was 100% active Alipia came in and thought about what to do to her clan that night or how to search for new recruits or as fit within a pre-existing stake. On other occasions, Alipia, now considered by many very old, narrated stories around the fire for those who wanted to hear, stories from literature or fantasy invented by me, then of course there were the rpgs that I was trying to make fun for me and for those who followed them, often by engaging in small plays. Unfortunately, in the Italian lands, the fantasy classic Dungeons and Dragons is not very popular and has been replaced by more general environments or games like Masquerade in the company of vampires and werewolves but no space for the elves, whatever their color; the Drow, which has never been easy to impersonate, had become very difficult and it is almost extinct as the number of players.

    Well Alipia, time has flown by and since it seems that you still have plenty to say we will resume the discussion with a second article dedicated to the Drows and the relationship of Alipia Rossini with virtual worlds. See you next time, or better Aluvè!