Margye painted poems

Margye painted poems

Margye Ryba (aka Carmen Auletta) is a Second Life avatar whose creator has found herself popular in RL thanks to her virtual activities. Margye Ryba was born in Second Life at the end of 2007 mainly out of curiosity but very soon Carmen/Margye realized the many opportunities and potential of “game“.

Let’s step back to when she discovered the virtual and Carmen decided to fly into the web with her poems, or rather her “painted poems” because each poem is followed by a painting, creating the blog “tatuaggi dell’anima” (“Soul Tattoos”: After a while Carmen went into Second Life with Margye beginning to circulate among the various sims and put on display her creations and coming across by chance in the exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale (Virtual Renaissance), an “RL” event in the fall of 2008 edited by Carlo Gerosa referred well as several Italian newspapers and television news programs (including the Tg1) spoke.

Margye Riba Carmen Auletta Second LifeShortly after she was spotted and interviewed by the director of European News Report, Domenico Di Conza, who dedicated an article (in Italian and English) in his magazine. Margye began to be known, was contacted, in SL, for an exhibition organized by the City of Rome, where her painting was ranked among the finalists. Given the considerable success, began to be born the “Margye Dreams” project, in collaboration with thePyramid Cafe in Second Life. The project (described here : and to which are dedicated to various video os Youtube as or was presented for the first time in Ars Ara – art and communication in the era of Second Life, held in June 2009 at the Auditorium Ara Pacis in Rome and had a wide resonance in the Italian press (also the italian newspaper Il Mattino spoke about it).

Margye Dreams is a project that Margye herself calls “an exhibition on the communicability of the disabled”. Yes, because Carmen/Margye herself is invalid and she understood immediately the possibility that SL was able to offer people with disabilities, and to all those people who for various reasons it was impossible to “go out”, because, to use the her words, “a computer, as well as to realize potential, can also give thought to the spirit and the freedom to fly very high, where one would never have even dared to hope”.

The project then came to Brussels to be submitted to the European Community. After some time the United Nations Assembly in New York was read his poem “‘Ncopp’ ‘O Scoglio” (above the rocks), first in Italian and then translated into English, but if it were not for a video in which Conza did a brief interview with Ban Kii Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, she would not have believed. Following Margye was asked to produce a painting that represented thePegasus Project Onlus, presented to the UN too.

Margye Riba Carmen Auletta Second Life

But Margye not stop there: May 9 is the Europe feast and the EU Commission together with the United Nations and with the vice president of the Commission at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers will hold a celebration during which three of her painted poems will be presented, while another painted poem will be on permanent display at the Maschio Angioino castle in Naples.

And again on March 17 began the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and the European non-profit organization Pegasus has won a project with the Italian Navy that involves the use of the training ship Amerigo Vespucci to carry various associations of disabled people around from April to October this year. Some painted poems of Margye will travel with them, from La Spezia to Trieste, on the walls of the hall of the ship. The first painted poems will be presented June 28, when it is time to board the Pegasus (while the official presentation of the entire project is scheduled for July 2 at the port of Manfredonia). What can I say: well done Margye and well done Carmen.

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