Charity not just virtual

Charity not just virtual

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March 2011 resulted in 10,102 confirmed dead in Japan and 17,053 missing, a total that could exceed the 25,000 victims according to authorities. While they have been kicked off the first mass burial, many Japanese still are not now able to know if their loved ones are alive or dead, in this case if their remains have been recovered and buried.

heartquake japan teddy bear solidarityTragedies such this one occurred already in the recent past for the Abruzzo region, can not leave anyone indifferent and so is usually used for entertainment platforms such as Second Life (where Linden Lab has officially launched the sale of “teddy bearsfor charity) or social games like Cityville (through which Zynga, with the help of Facebook, has opened a subscription: these days have started campaigns to try to bring aids to affected populations, which in addition to the destruction by land and sea have been fighting a series of fires before, then the risk of a nuclear  disaster and the intense cold of winter.

Literally countless charities then carried out by private individuals, ranging from evenings with Charity Auctions to sales that involve the payment of a portion of the proceeds to international bodies like the Red Cross (as reported, for example, this post).

Obviously not everyone thinks this type of corrective action or otherwise sufficiently reliable: the IMVU‘s forums (platform whose users have already started a group for those interested in relief operations) are discussing (here) as to whether or not to indicate a selected number of institutions which donate funds to be used in aid or even the desirability of individual businesses or home users IMVU itself rather than to collect that money, instead of finding ways to send directly private aids to Japanese residents.

IMVU charityLegitimate doubts that I personally believe should  be dispelled with the maximum transparency (how many times in the past we have seen charitable collections made ​​with great enthusiasm to remain free of the most basic elements about the payment of amounts to the institutions on whose behalf they were organized and how many times we have heard of aids that even come to these organizations were also “lost along the way” and never arrived to those in need), but not modifying a dramatic situation in which those who can should try tohelp out, either personally or through channels and institutions who can be trusted. Or we mayonly do philosophy as thousands of people could die due to the aftermath of a cataclysm that has already caused casualties among the highest in human history.

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