Eight hours of good music

Eight hours of good music

The musical entertainment has found a winning formula on the web and in Second Life. The mix is basically simple if you have all the ingredients. Put the choral passion of a “virtual” agency as Rho Cassiopeiae Productions of Laragrace Rau, combined with a sim hospitable as Dubai Jazz My Way of Milla Rasmuson (flanked by the occasion, which is not usual, many other land as La Favola, Claven, Meteteja, Kewinland, Mitology, Billionaire and Sunland) and try to throw a challenge: 8 hours of live music played and distributed not only in streaming in Second Life but also (thanks to Tatiana Khaos) from about 200 digital radio anywhere.

Luke and NunziaIf you can engage an artist like Jack Ferduccio (musician and arranger in RL) the mix will be correct as it was in the event on 6 March that saw from 5 to 13 PST (14:00 to 22:00 pm Italian time) tens of users of the virtual world of Linden Lab to enjoy the voice and music of Ferduccio, could at the same time (for those who were “in world“) to chat with friends from very relaxed.

An exampleof cross-media event that has seen Mondivirtuali.it among its sponsors, as we are convinced that this is one of the types of proper use of a tool, virtual worlds, which few have yet learned to use the full. And therefore must be supported. An event that not only the writer (with your avatar) and his wife Nunzia (Mayo in SL)  attended among others spectatorsm but also Colpo Wrexler (aka Dario Buratti, owner of  Digital Culture and of Itland) and Aquiladellanotte Kondor (creator of the blog-magazine http://virtualworldsmagazine.wordpress.com) and which has sought the collaboration of Amici Radio Web and reported a significant traffic (there were constantly present from 30 to 40 avatars in Dubai land, with a peak attendance of 61, generating a traffic score of 20,145).

Rho Cassiopeiae Productions Thetraffic is not the only variable of note, explained Laragrace Rau, but the sharing by all members of staffs (agency, the land and radio) to a team that gave its fruit. Proving that with the right motivation virtual worlds can create good events, maybe useful to create additional contacts to be developed in a “real” professional environment thanks to the means and ability to involve audiences in the most different (in this case as well as Second Life residents were reached by listeners of very popular radios in southern Lazio, in particular in the towns of Albano, Velletri, Frascati, Grottaferrata, Tuscolo, Ariccia and Genzano di Roma, with some “exceptional listener” as Eugenio del Sarto, of the Siae board).

Extending the resonance of the event and the visibility of those who took part, re-launched, among other things that you can see, from the video on Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpYQQgh724E summarizing the highlights of the day.

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