3D goes mobile with LG

3D goes mobile with LG

When reality exceeds imagination: yesterday LG Electronics presented, at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, the first smartphone fully 3D (3D Optimus model, based on Google‘s Android operating system and equipped with the dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor) that allow you to see movies in three dimensions without having to wear special glasses and to record movies in 3D with a special two-camera in the back of the unit.

LG optimus 3D games

LG Electronics bets on 3D mobile

According to LG Electronics’ Europe marketing director, Daniel Hernandez, the new smartphone was thought “for users able to create content that can be the paramount to reach a critical mass of content in 3D“.

In parallel, the same LG Electronics has seen fit to introduce a new tablet PC (the Optimus Pad), while Samsung unveiled its tablet (Galaxy Tab 10.1) and Sony Ericsson has launched its Xperia Play, a mobile phone that can be used such as gaming consoles.

Although it is clear thatthe content the producers point are mainly 3D films like those in recent years have returned torage in theaters around the world, if we were Linden Lab or one of the so many creative that animate Second Life and dozens of other three-dimensional grids born in these years, from the opensim project to Blue Mars, at least we would cheer.

3D content are critical also for virtual worlds

That’s because as a matter of fact, the main limitat of the spreading of virtual worlds beyond a small niche market was the inability to reach a critical mass of quality 3D contents (and people interested in benefit from it).

But at the same time we try to help as quickly and as easily as possible to connect to the variousgrids from these mobile devices, if not abandoning the traditional “via client” way usability closely connected to pc or laptop with high hardware standards, more and more anachronistic. Want to increase your users? First of all, be simple to use, starting from devices and software.

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