Cityville my love

Cityville my love

Cityville my loveIt is surely one of the Zynga‘s social games most successful and in early 2011 has already exceeded 100 million active users per month, surpassing its more rural “brother“, Farmville. We are talking, of course, of Cityville, the latest online craziness that is rampant, particularly among users of Facebook social network, who often devote more than a few minutes every day to this game.

But like every game even Cityville has its own tricks and while if you just want to understand the mechanism you can use the “help” function, asked a player, our friend Giordano Melchiorri (aka GiordanoO Amat in Second Life, whom you read before) some advices for beginners. Here they are, have a nice readings.

The most lacking thing on Cityville is the energy you need to build, collect crops, collecting rents and so on. An advice I give to all those who are passionate about this funny game is to use the help that is given to friends, visiting them in a constructive and coordinated way.

When you visit a friend, sending buses of tourists only brings an economic advantage that is often only skin deep. In my opinion, it would be fair to focus on activities that would cost a waste of energy to your friend such as to collect rents, build, cut trees, collect goods and so on.

In this way you will leave him the choice of using its energy for the activities that will be appropriate. Even by restoring cultures faded or the goods of the ports, you will gain and at the same time help your friend who could not otherwise make, if not cancel the operation (of course using more energy).

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