SL tweet on Twitter

SL tweet on Twitter

twitterIt seems that Linden Lab has decided to catch up and bind as possible to the success of social networks, reinforcing the concept of virtual community (and encourage further contents creation and third party software) than mere MMORPG platform. So personally interpret the announcement made by Gisele Linden about the development by the team of engineers assigned to the activity of Linden Lab scripting (Team Pixie Dust), with the assistance of some residents as Cale FlanaganLatif Khalifa and Strife Onizuka, of a system (the Twitter OAuth Library for Second Life) that will allow to tweet directly from within the platform. A decision that allows Linden Lab to engage Twitter, a social network with the highest growth rate in the United States (even if at the time known by a minority of Italian users, which instead love to talk and play on Facebook).

Second LifeLet’s summarize the events of recent weeks: first Linden Lab announced the purchase of (although it’s not clear how it intends to manage it, given that beyond the migration of large numbers of accounts of “avatar” from other social networks l the interaction between members of different virtual worlds, or even of Second Life, remains rather limited), then raise the “premium” offer on its platform by providing to his subscribers the “Linden Homes”, finally opens the beta Viewer 2.0 ( which has already released a first update) and now aims at  Tweeter. Definitely someone in California has decided that they could not wait any longer and that, perhaps hoping for an improvement in the U.S. and global economic environment, it was time to try to get growth of users of the metaverse.

Which, in the meantime, thanks partly to individual residents, began to be re-described not as a dark place for addicts or depressed, but also and above all a creative environment where you can experiment, make disclosure, to try to develop new artistic experiences. For once, Italy, in this sense, has been leading the way and after the cultural “provocation” launched by Mario Gerosa with his Rinascimento Virtuale, and Marina Bellini (aka Mexi Lane) to return to Second Life in the spotlight for his positive aspects in a piece published in the latest issue of the weekly magazine L’Espresso. Let’s see if all this will serve to let the mass of potential users understand as virtual worlds and Second Life are much more than a game or a 3D chat for lonely hearts.

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