Final Fantasy, the movie

Final Fantasy, the movie

Final FantasyIn Rai someone likes it manga (better, anime): after Ghost in the Shield, broadcast last December by Rai4 (we talked about here), at this end of June on Rai Movie of  another Japanese anime that is linked to the avatars, in this case not avatars as a subject but as production techniques: Final Fantasy.

The movie has little connection with the game

Final Fantasy the movie, dated 2001 and directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Moto Sakakibara, was named like the famous saga of video games but does not relate to any specific episode of the 13 chapters so far produced by Square (from 2003 Square Enix:, although some fans noticed in common with the episode IX for the myth of Gaia, the living planet.

For those not familiar with the plot, the story is set in 2065, in a land ravaged and invaded by aliens “phantoms” against whom are fighting some residual human communities. While the military looking for a “final solution” that involves the use of brute force (a new laser cannon) scientists and in particular Dr. Sid and Dr. Aki Ross seek a cure (and eventually in a somewhat surprising way find it). If the film has attracted more criticism from fans of the game, because it distorts the plot, the movie is highly recommended to anyone who wanna make a machinima or you find interesting electronic cinematography in 3D because despite the passing years the quality of avatars and environments created is impressive.

Final Fantasy, the criticisms

Final Fantasy the movieNo wonder then that Final Fantasy has unleashed a fierce controversy that saw some well known stars including Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and producer George Lucas declared that Aki Ross could create a dangerous precedent if the character had been reused, as in projects of Square Pictures, for other films (in fact she was only once, in one of nine Animatrix episodes, before being forgotten) stealing the work to real actors.

Personally I doubt that the risk exists, since the range of expressions of Aki in Final Fantasy was relatively poor, but certainly for the average product of Hollywod star system in recent years the comparison could become embarrassing.

Who knows in the future we will not return to see other virtual actors equally intriguing but with more expressive power and used to more interesting plots. Maybe somehow linked as Ghost in The Shield (or the same James Cameron’s Avatar) to the relationship between an avatar and the player that is behind it, a theme which somehow reminds us that the “double”, the split personality, or yet another variant of the relationship between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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